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About the Instructor


My name is Daihieu Tran and I am a former Kumon parent, who became a Kumon Instructor in April of 2005. I have witnessed how participation in the Kumon program can unlock your child's hidden potential. Through my three children’s individual experiences, I had the first hand opportunity to celebrate the benefits from the Kumon method and learning philosophies. By observing the incredible support from the Kumon centers where I enrolled my children, I developed an earnest desire to guide students of all abilities towards their goals and achievements.

By creating an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, I seek to emphasize the importance of completing each assignment within a concretely defined time frame, without compromising the mastery of the subject being studied. This structured expectation helps students increase their confidence with math and reading, as well as prepare them for the resilience necessary for standardized testing. As a father of three children who each continue to accomplish various career and personal goals in their lives, I am thankful that Kumon instilled willpower and trust in themselves. With this gratitude of its power, I have the opportunity to pursue my passion to help every child succeed.

I, along with my trained and compassionate staff are committed to working closely with each student and their parents to create the best study plan for the student, whether the need is to catch up to grade level or for advanced study enrichment.

Biography and Background

Daihieu Tran 2

I am known to be very detailed, organized and focused on each of my student’s long-term goals. I am disciplined in how I model effective learning strategies, and loyal to my commitment to guide all my students to maximize their full potential as efficiently as possible. I continue to strive for a moment in which each one of my students achieves the sense of confidence, self-accomplishment, and the excitement of declaring “I DID IT!”,  as I cheers alongside them.
Across 15 years as a Kumon Instructor, I has served as a member of the Instructor Advisory Committee for Kumon North America. I have also been a member of Instructors Conference Planning Committee for Kumon North America, and an invited presenter at the Instructors Conference.
With recognition of my continuous dedication to my students’ education and achievements throughout my Kumon career, I have been recognized and selected to attend Kumon North America Annual Summit on numerous occasions in order to always learn, share insights and grow alongside other Kumon Elite Instructors.
My favorite motto from the founder:
“We must allow children to experience the joy of self-learning and advancing on their own. We hope they will then continue learning by themselves even after going out into the real world and grow up into people who are proactive in everything they do.”
                                                                                    Toru Kumon (Yamabiko 121, 1990)