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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Josie’s Story


Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the Kumon Program. In fact, she’s studying the same math material that her mom, who is an eighth grade teacher, teaches her students. Imagine that, a 10-year-old transforming equations, working with linear functions and simplifying monomials and polynomials. She’s well on her way to advanced algebraic expressions and she isn’t even in middle school yet.

One of the things that Josie likes most about Kumon is the fact that she’s studying above her grade level.

“Kumon gives me confidence because I know how strong of a student it has made me,” says Josie. “I know that I can do and learn anything if I do the work and practice daily. Kumon has taught me about the importance of focusing and to not be afraid of challenges, but to enjoy them and work through them because I know I can overcome anything.”

Josie embodies everything that Toru Kumon had in mind when he founded the Kumon Method. He felt that students would experience the true benefits of the Kumon Method if they acquired the study habits necessary for self-learning and advanced study.

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Clarissa, Parent at Kumon Midlothian - Swift Creek South

Been using this center since I moved to the Chesterfield area 2 years ago and by far my favorite. Both of my kids attend this center. My four year old is always looking forward to class each week, she has excelled under this center and is able to read write and is also advanced in math. I will definitely recommend this center to all especially kids under 5 so they can have a solid foundation.

Martina - My journey as a student and an assistant

I was four years old when my parents took me to my first Kumon center. I was initially intimidated by the worksheets, but quickly grew accustomed to them. During elementary school, I noticed how Kumon placed me steps ahead of my peers, which instilled a desire in me to always strive for academic excellence.

Kumon taught me how to be an independent, success-driven student both in and outside the classroom.

About a year after my last Kumon session, I returned to my local Kumon center as an assistant instructor. I had never envisioned myself in that position, but my father knew that it would be perfect for me.

Kumon not only helped me excel academically, but also helped me grow personally and professionally. As an assistant, I learned different teaching strategies and communication skills that I would not have acquired elsewhere. Working at Kumon also boosted my confidence by bringing me out of my shell.

One thing I admire about the Kumon system is that it caters to all students by targeting their specific academic needs and helping each student reach new heights in their academic careers. Kumon is not just for struggling students, but also for well-performing students who want an edge in today’s competitive academic environment.

I am forever grateful for my experiences in Kumon over the years and commend this program for the impact it leaves in the lives of so many promising, young scholars.

Nandika's Kumon journey


I still remember the day when my parents told me about enrolling myself in Kumon. I was unsure at first, but they convinced me that it would help me with my studies. That was the beginning of my journey in Kumon, which turned out to be one of the most important things I have ever done for myself.

As I entered the Kumon center, I realized that it was not just another coaching class with a teacher and students. It was very different, and that's what attracted me to it. The classrooms were quiet, and everyone seemed to be focused on their work. I was fascinated by the different levels of study, and I was curious to know what I would be learning in Kumon.

My Kumon journey began with an initial assessment that identified my current level of study. My instructor assured me that every student starts at a different level, and with hard work, I could improve my skills and advance through the levels.

The Kumon learning method is unique and different from other conventional methods of learning. It emphasizes self-learning and self-motivation, and it was a significant challenge for me at first. However, with continued practice and perseverance, I began to understand the method and improve my skills.

The worksheets became my everyday companion, and I learned how to work with precision and accuracy. My confidence level increased, and I began to see changes in my academic performance. I felt proud of the progress that I had made in a short time.

But the real value of Kumon was not just in improving math and reading skills; it also helped me develop life skills. It taught me the importance of time management, perseverance, and self-discipline. These qualities have helped me in other areas of my life and have prepared me for the challenges I will face in the future.

In conclusion, my journey in Kumon has been an incredible experience. It has shaped me into a better student, and it has provided me with the tools to succeed academically, socially, and personally. Kumon has also taught me the importance of being a lifelong learner and the joy of self-discovery. I strongly recommend Kumon as a learning method to every student who wants to improve their skills and learn more about themselves. Today, I am a teacher at Kumon and I help kids unlock their full potential just like I have!