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About the Instructor


As an extensively trained and certified professional instructor, I serve as a mentor who guides your children through their work while also providing direction, support and encouragement. I create an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, and I emphasize the importance of accurately completing each assignment within a designated time frame. This has helped many of my students increase self-confidence, thus becoming more self-reliant. Like all Kumon Instructors, I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed.

Biography and Background


Welcome to the Kumon Center of Miramar. My name is Leena Basnyet, and I am delighted to be your Kumon Instructor. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of giving your child every advantage possible for their future success. Also important is for you to know and have confidence in the people playing critical roles in your child’s education. 

I hold a Masters in City and Regional Studies from Rutgers University in New Jersey. I have been a Kumon parent for six years.  I believe that a strong academic foundation is essential for all children. After witnessing the positive outcome of the Kumon method with my son, I was inspired to open a center and share the benefits of Kumon with your child as well. At Kumon, we believe children have unlimited potential to succeed.  You will be truly amazed at what your child is capable of achieving.

There are many things that I love about the Kumon Program, one of those is the team approach between the student, parent and instructor that focuses on the development of the students and the ability to unlock each child’s potential to learn.  I am very proud to offer the Kumon Program in our community, and look forward to working with you and your child. Class days can get very busy, but I’m more than happy to schedule a time before or after class hours to discuss your child’s progress and to answer any questions you may have.

Once again, welcome to Kumon!