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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Our Success Story

At Kumon, learning is a student driven activity. Many of our students are in the grade range between K through 12. And, their study material spans from pre-school through college level. By practicing everyday and learning in small, manageable steps (with the help of our expert Kumon instructor), the student is able to build strong study habits and confidence. Our students strive not only for excellence in higher level math and reading but also to ultimately become independent learners.

Our Students


Our Strategy

Each student will be assessed individually by Dr. Bettuzzi to determine their academic strengths and areas for potential growth.  This assessment will be used to establish a personalized lesson plan which utilizes the student’s strengths to overcome any weakness as well as to develop areas of potential growth.  Dr. Bettuzzi teaches each student successful strategies on how to tap into their unlimited learning potential, and how to use this unlimited potential to achieve academic success.


Local Interest

  • Over $1,020,000 of academic scholarships/assistance has been awarded to existing and former students of our centers.
  • 100% of our program completers have been accepted into the school of their first choice.
  • Over 60% of our Math and Reading students have progressed to Kumon’s North American Advanced Honor Roll status. This is an International Honor Roll Ranking which ranks children who are studying above grade level from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • 117 of our students have progressed to be rank in the top 10 for their grade level compared to students of a similar grade throughout North America.
  • 107 of our program completers have been ranked #1 in North America (which includes students from Canada, Mexico and the United States) in Math and/or Reading.
  • 90% of our students who entered the program as remedial students have progressed to honor roll status, gifted schools, accelerated, and/or advanced placement programs. 
  • To date, former Kumon students at our centers report an average ACT score of 35.5 out of 36, SAT Math Scores of 750 out of 800, and 12 out of 12 on the ACT written test. Former students have been named Illinois State Scholars and National Merit Scholars.


For more information on how Kumon can enrich your child's learning experience, please contact our center at 847-324-5120.

Valerie (Program Completer)


Kumon has definitely changed my life for the better. Starting from a very young age, I learned how to learn independently, whether it be through analyzing a Shakespeare passage or applying a new math theorem. Kumon allows you to not only work ahead, but to excel at any new information thrown at you at school, or in the future.  Kumon prepared me and set me up for opportunities moving forward. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone!

Allison B.

My daughter started Kumon in 1st grade. It was a struggle to get her to do the work. 4 years later, she loves doing her Kumon work and is at the head of her 5th grade class. I was telling my 1st grade son, that when his sister was in 1st grade, it was a struggle for her to do her Kumon, but now she loves it. My sons reply was that he loves it too! Thank you, Dr. B!

Samantha Alexis L.

I learned a lot coming to this place, and I became 3 years ahead of my current grade level math class. Even after I finished Kumon, the skills and techniques I acquired regarding problem solving stuck with me. This isn't a place that only caters to people struggling in math and reading. It's for anyone who wants to get it ahead. Students struggle with the concepts in Kumon, but by the time they reach the topic in school, they've mastered it. I can definitely thank Dr. Bettuzzi and this Kumon location for Easy-A in math.

Chris P.

Kumon and Dr. Bettuzzi have done wonders for my son. My son was in fifth grade and was struggling immensely in reading. He had a C average and after being tested we found that he was reading at a 2nd grade level. We enrolled him in the Kumon program and began following Dr. Bettuzzi's recommendations. In less than a year, and now in sixth grade, he is having an amazing year achieving straight A's in the first quarter, his reading level is just below a sixth-grade level and now enjoying every day of school. Not only did Kumon help in his reading but taught him the study skills he needed to become successful student. A great big thank you to Kumon and Dr. Bettuzzi.


My husband grew up in Hawaii, knowing about Kumon and their great reputation. So, when we have kids, we started my eldest since she was in kindergarten. When we have 3 more children, we continue to enroll them. My eldest daughter started with both subjects. As she gets older and her school works became more demanding, she struggled and made the difficult decision to stop math and continue with reading. She completed the Kumon reading program by 6th grade and reinstate with Kumon math. On countless time, she stated how she missed the advantages she had in math in comparison to her classmates, when she was enrolled in Kumon math. My youngest child is enrolled in Kumon reading at age 4. By less than 4months, he is enunciating and reading comfortably with picture books. My children may not like Kumon, but they appreciate the outcome. They are confident and work independently on their schoolwork. I am not a teacher, but I know many teachers who are excellent in what they do and others who not only do their work but inspire and motivate students to go above and beyond. Niles Kumon - DrB. is one of the exceptional teachers that knows her students, inspires and motivates them to accomplish more than they can imagine. We are fortunately to have found this center and have Dr. B. be their instructor. She deserves the many awards and from Kumon.