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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Gracie Aziabor - Reading Program Completer - Grade 5

Gracie Aziabor

My name is Gracie and I was in the Kumon Reading Program from ages 5 through 10. I can tell you that when I first started the Kumon Reading Program, I didn’t enjoy it much. But, when I turned 7, I realized how it was helping me in reading class at school. I was able to put together letters pretty quickly because I had already learned the sounds of most of them while I was in Kumon. Although it got much harder when I neared the end, for example, the Shakespeare segments, I found myself enjoying the stories! I definitely have to thank Mrs. Donti for pushing me to complete the program. I also have to thank my parents and brothers for correcting my work. I will say that although my experience with the Kumon Reading Program was a tough one, I am very grateful for it.