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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Anthony - J 200 in Math


Anthony is a diligent 9th-grade student who does not give up easily. So proud to see you get to J200! Our next goal is for you to complete all of the high school levels of the Kumon Math Program.

Dean - one of our youngest student


Kumon has been one of the best choices we have made for our son.  The staff members in North Haven are wonderful! They are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to help make our son comfortable in what he is learning.  They are continuously individualizing the program based on his needs so that he is able to move through at his own pace.  We want him to be confident so that he knows he is capable of doing anything. Kumon is helping us instill those skills and showing him that learning can be fun."

"I like Kumon because it is teaching me how to read my Magic Tree House books and because I can read to my kindergarten class friends.  I like the sticker chart for my homework pages too because I can earn rewards!" 
-Dean, age 5

Olivia G by 4


Congratulations Olivia! You have reached the Pre-algebra level by 4th grade. Keep up your hard work! 

Sajag J by 6 in Math


Congratulations Sajag! You have reached the Pre Calculus level by 6th grade. Our next goal is program completion!!

Congratulations Mubarak! for completing Level J in reading

Congratulations, Mubarak for completing Kumon Reading Level J (Sophomore material work) while still in 7th grade. Way to go! 

Shaina - You did it again!


Shaina - Our newest Reading Program completer! Shaina started Kumon at a very young age and she completed the Kumon Reading Program within 4 years, covering all topics from "Learning to Read" to "Reading to Learn". While working her way through the program, Shaina has mastered a variety of topics from Poetry to Shakespeare, Alphabet & Sight Words to Critical Reading. 

Award Ceremony - 2015


Students enrolled at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of North Haven, CT are proving that hard work and daily practice pays off. As a result of attending weekly sessions, several students made significant academic improvements and are studying above their school grade level. Students received milestone awards like Mastery over Multiplication and Division Level C by 3rd grade - "C by 3", Mastery over Fractions Level E by 4th grade - "E by 4", and Mastery over Pre-Algebra Level G by 5th grade - "G by 5". First Selectman Mike Freda graced the occasion by his presence and handed the awards to the students.

Brandon reaches a significant milestone!!


Congratulations Brandon!! By reaching “Level G by Grade 4” — two years ahead of grade level — Kumon gives students an edge when they need it most. Getting ahead does not happen overnight. It usually takes many years of sustained effort — but it will really pay off!

Brandon joined Kumon in January of 2014 and has been very consistent in developing his foundation skills with Kumon. Brandon says Kumon “lets me stay ahead in my class, and helps me better understand things related to math and reading."

"Kumon is a good way to keep kids occupied and have them learn at the same time, it gets them prepared for what's coming ahead," says Tommy, Brandon's dad. Tommy enrolled both his boys, Brandon & Austin in Kumon about 2 years ago and with their dedication and perseverance they are doing Kumon work much ahead of their grade level. 

By keeping his skills sharp, Brandon will be able to complete the Kumon material for high school Math in 6th grade - Kumon recognizes this milestone as Level J by 6. Way to go Brandon!! 

Congratulations Parthiv for reaching Pre-algebra level in 4th grade


Congratulations Parthiv, for reaching the Pre-algebra level in 4th grade. Parthiv started the Kumon Math Program when he was in 2nd grade with the simple addition level. Within just two years he was able to achieve the Pre-algebra level. He is placed at the highest math program at his school. 

Annemary - achieves Kumon pre-algebra & critical reading level in the same month


Annemary started the Kumon Math & Reading Program when she was in 3rd grade in the simple addition level and basic comprehension level. Within just two years she achieved the pre-algebra level in Math and critical reading level in Reading. She gave up her summer break for a month so she could reach these milestones. She is now working diligently towards her high school math & reading levels by 6th grade.  We wish you the very best Annemary. 

G By 5 in Math


Anoushka is a very diligent student and wanted to complete her G by 5 (completing her Pre-algebra skills by 5th grade) She is now working to get her G by 5 in Kumon Reading. 

Keyla P. - Receives an award for most improvement in Reading!


Keyla started with the Kumon Reading program just over 6 months ago at my North Haven location and she has made tremendous progress with this program. We are all so proud of your achievement!! Keep up the good work!

Lara - Completes both Pre-Algebra & Critical Reading skills the same day!


Congratulations, Lara, for completing both your Level G tests on the same day and also receiving your G by 5 Award! We are very proud of all the hard work you've put into completing your Pre-Algebra level. See you at the calculus completion line!

Kayla was one of the top three students who won the math contest at her school.

Congratulations! Kayla for all of your hard work & dedication and for making it into one of the top spots at school. Its cool to be good in Math!

A very happy parent

Great program with a great, hands-on business owner!  My kids have made tremendous progress and are above grade level in Math. 

Convenient location, great parking, fantastic staff - well-trained, good with children and the owner, Raj, is a gem!

Shaina P. achieves her Level G by 5 award - while still in 3rd grade

Shaina, you've set the bar very high for your fellow Kumon friends. Congratulations!! Your work skills, dedication and commitment to hard work and your perseverance will take you to greater heights.  

Jais - G by 5

Jais G by 5

Congratulations!! Jais - you made it to G by 5. We will see you at the program completion! Keep up the good work skills. 

Lily G by 5

Lily G by 5

Congratulations to Lily for completing the required work skills in Pre-algebra by 5th Grade and reaching her G by 5 status.

Including excerpts from her School teacher -

In Math, Lillian is still holding her own with an A in Math just past the mid-point of Term 2.  Lillian has done an excellent job on the first two unmodified chapter tests from our textbook series, Math in Focus.  These tests are based on the concepts in each chapter, but extend the thinking past the computation or concept of a skill into application and problem solving.  Lillian holding an A average here is fantastic!  
Lillian’s effort remains outstanding!  She is focused, energetic, motivated and really a wonderful student in Math class.  I am really pleased with her progress to date! 

Joel G By 5

G by 5 Joel

A very well deserving student - Joel! He exhibits tremendous dedication and concentration with his Kumon work. He earned his Level G (Pre-algebra) by 5th grade award this summer. Congratulations Joel! We look forward to your program completion! 

A thank you note


I wanted to personally thank you for all you’ve done for my children.  About 2 years ago, we noticed my daughter was falling behind in math.  She was 1 full grade level behind.  Now she’s ~6 months ahead of grade level and made the honor roll with a 92.5 average and an “A” in math.

My son is also doing great!  He’s ~6 months of grade level and working with 5th graders (as a 4th grader) at school in math. 

You and the Kumon model have really helped the kids so much!  Thank you for all you continue to do!!

Thank you,

Creative Essay writing winners! - Teacher's appreciation month

Creative Essay - 2014

Winners of the Teacher's Appreciation essay competition are out! Noah G. (From Green Acres) & and Luciano L. (From Clintonville) are the winners of the Teacher Appreciation Month essay - Creative Essay competition! Each student and their teacher received gift certificates to Barnes and Noble. Congratulations!!

Multiplication & Division mastered by 3rd grade - Noah


Great work Noah!! you have now mastered the concepts by 3rd grade. He's well on his way to achieving his Pre-algebra skills by 5th grade. 

Reached Level C by 3rd Grade - Jayesh


Jayesh has worked diligently to achieve his C by 3 honor within a few months. He's also approaching his Honor Roll grade in Math. Way to go!! Keep up the good work, Jayesh. 

Aashi - C by 3


Congratulations, Aashi, on your C by 3!! Aashi is still in 2nd Grade and working on Level C Multiplication and Division sheets at Kumon. 

Bhakthi - C by 3


Congratulations, Bhakthi, on your C by 3!! Bhakthi is still in 2nd Grade and working on Level C Multiplication and Division sheets at Kumon. 

Looking Forward to Creating New Success Stories

Kumon Center

At our new Kumon of North Haven location, we are looking forward to helping our students achieve success. Click here to see some of the success stories of our students at Kumon of Trumbull, our first location.