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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


From Vlad’s dad, Mr. V.:

Like most people, I’m not crazy about receiving unsolicited promotional material in the mail and I almost never respond. But a Kumon advertisement arrived just as we were trying to figure out how our son Vlad could catch up academically with his class. Kumon’s approach was just what Vlad needed, allowing him to learn at his own pace with a constant refresh of materials that fit precisely where he was in the learning process. Kumon of Norwalk provides an excellent learning environment, as it exposes children to others striving to improve their reading and math skills with wonderful teachers who care as much about the children’s progress as their own parents. Finding Kumon was the most fortunate moment of Vlad’s schooling.

From the Darien parent of 2 Kumon students

I started my daughter with Kumon when she was in third grade. Till then I used to do math at home using worksheets that I printed online. By this time somehow she had developed a "fear" for math and felt uncomfortable with numbers. However by the time she reached fourth grade her confidence and comfort in math had improved considerably and I believe that Kumon really helped her build a better foundation in math. When she achieved G by 5 (algebra by 5th grade) we took a break from Kumon in 5th grade (big mistake). When she took her advanced math placement test for middle school, she said many of the topics were covered in Kumon. She made the advanced math program (where they do 2 levels above grade math) and had she continued with Kumon without a break, I feel she would have been much more comfortable in the advanced program.

Kumon really helped my child develop a systematic and deliberate approach to math, taking away the fear she had of numbers.

My son who is in first grade now does math and reading at the Norwalk center. I can already see that he is much more comfortable with numbers and is unfazed when we suddenly pop a math addition or subtraction question (No fear of math I here I think:)) I am also impressed by the Reading Program at Kumon. I can see my son building a steady foundation for correct spelling and recall from memory which are all so important given the stringent reading and writing rubric that area schools have.

As you can tell by now I am a parent that believes in Kumon. Both my children have very different personalities and we have helped each of them see the value in the daily Kumon drills so they keep up. Of course they do complain sometimes, but I feel as parents we need to help them see the value in deliberate practice and discipline. Kumon does go a long way in helping them learn these foundational skills in two fundamental learning areas.

From Mrs. R. with 2 sons at Kumon of Norwalk for Math.

If you are a parent trying to help your child succeed even when the teachers at school can't help, well then you're like me. My son was in the 4th grade when I was told "he's just not getting it". I sat with him every afternoon helping him with his work but it wasn't enough. I considered Kumon, not sure if this was even the right answer but I knew him failing wasn't an option. It didn't take long before he was the "star student of the class" said his 5th grade math teacher. Not only did he pass exams but he was a helper in his math class! As a parent we want the best for our kids... and that's what I did, he's now in middle school continuing to have the confidence and success he needs. It was a no-brainer for me to put my other son in Kumon before the work starts to get intense.

Hope this helps and good luck to all you parents!!

From Mrs. S. who has a daughter enrolled in Reading and a son enrolled in Math

We are very pleased with the results of the Kumon Math and Reading Program. Mrs. Gandhi, the Instructor, and the Kumon staff are amazing and they are always willing to help. I love the dedication when it comes to helping my son in math and my daughter in reading. This Center is definitely focused on personally tailored success. Kumon is an excellent investment.

From Mrs. O. – both of her children have been enrolled in Math and Reading.

My son (Alex) and daughter (Shirley) each had a good experience in Kumon. Their academic level is very good, which teaches Kumon is a very good method and moves at the pace of the child. As a mother I am very happy with Kumon and recommend it to anyone 100%.

From Mrs. C. whose daughter is enrolled in both Math and Reading.

We are so grateful for the Kumon Program and enrolling our daughter in it. She has come a long way ever since she started it. She was enrolled both in reading and math because in my opinion she always had difficulty in retelling, and grasping in general what she had just read. Therefore we thought she might take advantage of the extra help. Her improvement and confidence level has shown to be remarkable and without a doubt, Mrs. Gandhi's input has a lot to with this. We are very grateful for her patience, guidance, and support and will recommend this successful program to anyone.