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Incentive Programs

My Center Rewards

🌟 100% Achievers 🌟

100% Achievers display

Students who get perfect score in their classworks will earn this special treatment: We will display their work in our 100% Achievers display. This will boost our students' confidence as well as pride, and will also attract other students to work harder, aim higher, and earn their own place there.

🌟 Kumon Dollar 🌟

Kumon Store

Students can earn Kumon Dollars by performing some tasks, like:

  • Star Student: $20
  • Passes Achievement Test: $5
  • Up to B: $5
  • C to F: $10
  • G to J: $15
  • Levels above: $20
  • Birthday: $5
  • School academic awards or good report card (B or better): $5
  • Completes a sticker book (attendance): $5
  • 100% Achievers: $1
They can then redeem their hard-earned Kumon Dollars with prizes displayed in our Kumon Store.

kumon+ Student Loyalty Program

kumon+ logo

kumon+ is a loyalty program that rewards students for attending a Kumon Center. Think of it as a special club for Kumon Students - one that motivates them as they work through the Kumon program. Students earn points for every complete month they attend Kumon, plus bonus points for as long as they’re enrolled. These points can be traded in for exciting rewards. And if students are enrolled in our Math and Reading programs, they’ll earn points for both subjects. Every Kumon Student is a member of kumon+.

For more information on kumon+.

Advanced Student Honor Roll

The Advanced Student Honor Roll recognizes Kumon students working ahead of their school grade level. Ambitious students remain in the program in order to stay above their grade level. These students study more challenging material than they are receiving at school in pursuit of their academic aspirations.