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About the Instructor


At the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ontario, we believe children have unlimited potential to succeed. As the instructor of the Kumon Center of Ontario, my goal is to help each child develop strong academic skills, a love of learning and the confidence to excel beyond the classroom. My heart breaks when I see students struggling with homework. It is important for kids to feel confident in finishing their schoolwork. I believe they should enjoy doing math and reading. Learning should not be a burden to them. Through Kumon's academic enrichment program, I strongly believe that together, we can help children achieve success in their life.

Biography and Background

I have an engineering background and earned my Master’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Engineering Management. I've always enjoyed working with students. I worked as a professor assistant and tutored students during my college years. A love of teaching has always been a part of my life.

As a Kumon parent myself, I saw my own children develop a love of learning, as well as discipline, accuracy and focus through the Kumon Method. I enrolled both of my kids in Kumon when they were in kindergarten. I wanted them to develop strong academic skills so they would not have difficulties at school. At Kumon, they were challenged to go beyond their grade level. This gave them confidence and they loved it. As a result, I was inspired to open my own Kumon Center.