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About the Instructor


As an extensively trained and certified professional instructor, I serve as a mentor who guides your children through their work while also providing direction, support, and encouragement. Creating dialogue and communicating goals, expectations, and limitations are key between myself and all parents. Establishing this effectively will allow us to work together for one common goal: your child’s personal and academic achievements. I am very open and will ensure that all of us can work together to establish what is best for your child’s needs.

Biography and Background

A Queen’s University alumni with a double Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and Psychology, business entrepreneur, father of three, and now embarking on a new journey as a Kumon Instructor. I placed myself in a number of roles throughout my educational and professional career, but this one excites me the most!

I have formed a strong bond with Kumon as I have been able to witness the impact of the program through all three of my children, who all started the program in Kindergarten. The extensive and comprehensive training that I have completed has allowed me to grow a strong appreciation for the Kumon Method, as it is unique, impactful, and effective.
I am confident that I possess the appropriate knowledge and skills that will allow me to help you experience your child’s engagement and excitement as we work together collectively to achieve your child’s academic and personal goals, in an effort to encourage them to exceed their potential.

The importance of education is viewed as a priority for my family and I. As I pursue this new path, I am truly motivated to guide your children to success by communicating and collaborating with you, the parents, on a consistent basis, ensuring collaboration and positive outcomes.


Amit Patel