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About the Instructor


Kumon Math & Reading Center of Stoll Park

Welcome! My name is Fred Shippee, your Kumon instructor! I was born and raised in the Heartland of the Midwest and have lived in the Kansas City area most of my life. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Avila University in Kansas City. I spent many years in the business world honing my skill as a communicator, negotiator and mentor. I invested over two years completing Kumon academic training before opening my Kumon center in the spring of 2004. My background as a businessman, as a Kumon parent too, helped me to become a Kumon Certified Math & Reading Instructor!

Biography and Background

My Kumon instructor interest and experience.

My interest in being an instructor comes from the excitement I felt with the success of my own daughter’s progress with Kumon. This experience inspired me to learn all I can about Kumon and what I need to do to bring this proven learning opportunity to others. My parents were educators; my father was a teacher and later a principal of a middle school and my mother was an elementary school teacher.  Like them I yearn to reach out, to teach and inspire the potential in children. I want to use my Kumon Instructor knowledge and people skills as a business man to bring the Kumon Way to all who seek to improve and want to succeed.  I challenge all math and reading students to advance their skills to use their full potential toward ultimate completion of the Kumon program!

I look forward with excitement of making a contribution to developing young minds and helping them master math and reading. My own warmth, compassion and diplomacy skills are a key foundation point on which my Kumon center is based. I have an open, inviting environment for students to study and learn. With the Kumon Learning Method curriculum, students will be encouraged to take the steps they need to raise their own abilities and knowledge for life.