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Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.



We are very happy with Kumon of Palm Coast! Our son is 3 years old and has learned so much already in the 9 months that he has been with Kumon! He is reading and writing numbers with ease. He is stringing together letter sounds which is putting him on the right track to reading on his own very soon. We have been amazed by the progress he has made! Thank you Kumon of Palm Coast! You have instilled the love of learning in our son at this early age and we are glad to have you in our community!

- Dr. Tanam Ahmed, M.D (September, 2014)

Our daughter started Kumon one year ago at 4 1/2 years of age. Her progress has been exceptional thanks to the method of Kumon and dedication of Mita Tomerlin and her staff! She is one year above her grade level thanks to Kumon! Every penny spent on math and reading enrichment provides a future of struggle-free learning. Kumon has not only taught our daughter math and reading, it has also improved her printing greatly. It's exciting to watch her read a book on her own and count for fun!

- Terry-Anne Heidenreich (September, 2014)

Kumon has been an excellent resource for our family. I really like that it is a learning enrichment program. This program meets the child where they are at their learning journey and begins to build a solid foundation from there. It is a great confidence builder in a child when they feel confident in what they are learning in school since they have already grasped the concept in Kumon - this is a win for everyone!

I highly recommend the Kumon learning program! And, Ms Mita is a great asset by truly caring to help children succeed and excel in their education!

- Mindy Miller, President, Flagler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (September, 2014)

Four years ago my daughter was struggling to keep up with her math studies in 4th grade. We heard from a family member that Kumon was having a very positive academic impact with her cousins so my wife and I decided to visit Kumon of Palm Coast for an assessment. We met with Ms Mita and decided to enroll our daughter in the math program that day. Since that time, we have also enrolled my younger son, and both my children have excelled in mathematics and their other academic programs!

While their math skills have greatly improved, resulting in excellent grades, they have also learned the skill of academic discipline which has helped them improve their performance in all of their classes.

We are very grateful to Kumon of Palm Coast for helping our children become terrific students over the last 4 years!

- Bill White (October, 2014)

Fond memories of Kumon - 3 years after relocating!

Good morning, Mita!

Sending you a note to let you know how grateful we remain for finding you and Kumon for Mark a few years ago. Such a confidence boost and knowledge boost for him when he was struggling in 3rd and 4th grades. He continues to excel, and is now enrolled in PreAP Language Arts and Math in 8th grade.

Now we find ourselves struggling again, but this time it is for Mary Glen in Math. I am already in touch with our local Kumon director in Coppell, TX, and we will be setting up a testing time and getting her enrolled soon.  Mary Glen is excited for this opportunity to master skills. I may have Mark enroll for Math also, to keep his edge up. 🙂

Both kids are doing so well in Language Arts -- Mary Glen reading 2 grade levels above, and Mark doing the same.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the services of Kumon, and delighted to find a center in our new town!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Claire S.

November 5, 2016

Jason, Marcella, and Zachary's Story

For this Kumon family, success comes in threes. Siblings Jason, Marcella and Zachary may all be the same age, but they each possess different learning abilities. Jason, who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and Zachary, who is autistic, are both on their way to reaching their school grade level in the Kumon Program. Their sister Marcella has surpassed her grade level in Kumon and is now studying advanced math in the program.

Before enrolling their children in Kumon, Daniel Warner and Paul Sosenko along with the assistance of a nanny and tutor, struggled with various approaches to improve their children’s academic performance in school. After hearing from other families who had success with the Kumon Program, they enrolled their children at a local Kumon Math and Reading Center in Florida. Mita Tomerlin, their Kumon Instructor, worked with them and their children to develop an individualized learning plan for each child’s specific needs and goals. Learning at a level that best suited their abilities gave the siblings the confidence to set challenging yet achievable goals in the program.

The children share a strong desire to do well in school and they help motivate each other.  Marcella told us she and her siblings are usually the first ones to arrive at the Kumon Center. For Marcella, her grades in school have improved as a result of her Kumon study. Jason says that Kumon has helped make his classwork easy. Zachary, after being in Kumon for several months, received praise from his teacher at school for being on task, catching up to his grade level in math and completing his class assignments without any prompting.

“There was an initial struggle to incorporate Kumon into their daily schedule, school work and activities which allow them to be well rounded,” says their dad Daniel. “It involves work, commitment and scheduling to make sure [the kids] did their work. Kumon provided the foundation they needed to be successful in school,” he continued. Jason, Zachary, and Marcella enjoy learning and doing things individually like swimming, tennis, fishing and golf. They also enjoy bonding during family vacations.

With their own dreams for the future, the siblings envision their success in life leading down different paths. When Jason grows up he wants to be a pilot. Marcella wants to manage a restaurant and Zachary wants to be a firefighter. When asked about the Kumon Program and its aim to help all children advance beyond grade level through self-learning, their parents stated, “It makes school and homework much easier allowing them to develop individually as opposed to struggling with school work on a daily basis. Thank you Miss Mita and Kumon,” he concluded.

Testimonial - Claire S.

Congratulations on celebrating your 5th year, Mita!  So very happy for you and the crew at Kumon.

I have meant to tell you that over the last 2.5 years since we have been in Wisconsin, Mark has gotten outstanding comments from his teachers regarding his reading skills and comprehension, his interest and preciseness when it comes to story-telling and re-telling.  His Math abilities are also growing, and the confidence he gained, albeit begrudgingly sometimes, is serving him well through the learning times. 

Thank you again for everything you and the staff at Kumon of Palm Coast did for Mark.  I would like to think he would have gained these skills anyway at some point, but the rigor of the Kumon program got him there faster, and he's living proof the discipline required for Kumon works.

October, 2015

Andoni Alfonso's story - presented at the 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony (2013)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Andoni Alfonso. And it is an honor to be here today with our special guest, the mayor of Palm Coast, for me to talk about how my life changed through the help of Kumon.

As far as I remember, I have always been interested in words and numbers just at the age of 2. My mother bought a couple of reading and math workbooks from a brand named Kumon. A couple of years later, my mother and I drove out to Ormond on our way to Daytona when I pointed a Kumon center. My mom was saying it was a place for work you have to do everyday. Since I was only about 5, I really didn’t care what she was saying, so I forced her to go. As we walked in, the instructor, Dr. Mike, welcomed us with open arms.

My mother found out more information about Kumon and then enrolled me right away. When I took the placement test, I succeeded beyond my own standards. Every week, on every Monday and Wednesday, after school, my mother and I would drive to Ormand and I would do my work. He helped with everything I had trouble on, and as I advanced, I got better. After two years have passed, we found out that there was a Kumon center with a Saturday schedule, which used to fit my soccer schedule, in southern Jacksonville. Sadly, we had to leave Dr. Mike and move on to the one in Jacksonville because of the Saturday convenience.

As we transferred, my sister, Isabella, also joined Kumon. Our instructor there was a very nice man named Mr. Ian. As I settled in, he helped me as much as Dr. Mike. Every time I had a question wrong, Mr. Ian would always be there to help me figure it out and understand the answer. My sister and I worked there since 2010 when we heard about a new Kumon center opening up only a couple of minutes away from our school. Again, we had to leave the Kumon of Jacksonville to come to the new Kumon of Palm Coast for a less distance travel.

Ever since I left, I’m glad I did, Mrs. Mita is the best Kumon director I’ve ever had. She is always there for me when I need her most. And that center is where I had some of my greatest achievements. G by 5, when I was just in 4th grade, J by 7 in 6th, and I am currently working to the end of the reading program, Level L. At school, Algebra for me is a breeze, and sometimes I think some of my friends are jealous. Every time I have a mistake, I try to understand it the best I can. But, every bump in the road, is just one more step for me to complete Kumon. And my sister is right behind me.

Andoni Alfonso (6th grade) completed the Kumon Reading Program in June, 2013 and achieved a rank of 1 out of 7332 6th graders enrolled in Kumon at that time.

Trey DeLeon's story - excerpts from his speech presented at the 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony (2013)

Dedication. Discipline. Hard Work. Knowledge. These skills represent some of the most important traits that an individual must have to be successful in life. During these last 7 years of Kumon, I have become more aware of the importance of these characteristics.

The method of teaching and learning in Kumon is both very efficient and effective. The home assignments and lessons allow you to gain a good knowledge base, and the one-on-one teaching with the Kumon Instructor gives you individualized feedback, helps to reinforce the various topics and allows you to learn from your mistakes. Years of this method of education has built confidence in my abilities, aiding me greatly in my everyday life, including my work at school.

When times got rough, my instructor encouraged me to try my hardest. I took these "words of wisdom" into consideration, and began to continue my journey to the mountain peak. In my mind, I convinced myself that if I worked on Kumon efficiently now, then it would one day pay off for me in the future.

For the future, I plan to study in the field of medicine. This involves a huge amount of information and allows someone to help those who are sick and in need. Gaining all the awards I earned in Kumon have greatly motivated me to try my hardest and work hard to reach my goal. Kumon has helped me with rigorous testings, like the SAT and ACT, which require a great amount of discipline and studying. The discipline I gained from Kumon reinforced the discipline with piano, which has been a great part of my life.

From my own personal experience, I can confidently say that Kumon helps a lot. School is so much easier for me, and I always get straight A's. Kumon can greatly benefit you, not just helping you with your grade level, but also letting you go far beyond your school curriculum.

Augusto "Trey" DeLeon III (7th grade) completed the Kumon Reading program in September 2012 and achieved a rank of 1 out of 6496 7th graders enrolled in Kumon at that time.

Read more about Trey's Kumon Success Story here:

Liana's story

June, 2013

I started Kumon in September about two years ago, and it has changed my life. At first I was skeptical about it, "How were two days a week of learning things I already knew going to help me?"

When I first started Kumon, I did math and reading and after a year later I realized I was doing well in school in reading but not so good in math, so I dropped reading and pushed all my focus on math.

It was difficult. I didn't understand it and I didn't want to understand it. But the more I learned, the easier it was and the more fun it was. I graduated 8th grade this week with three A's and three B's. The highest grade I got was in math at 99 percent in an 8th grade Algebra Honors math class. I am so proud of myself and I got my EOC score back and it was a 4 out of 5 and most of the stuff on it, I didn't learn in school but I learned in Kumon. I would like to thank Kumon because it got me where I am today with Geometry Honors and a love of math.

Andoni Alfonso: Our First "G by 5" Math student

Nine year-old, Andoni Alfonso, of Palm Coast, Florida, recently became the first student at Kumon of Palm Coast to earn a “G by 5” star in recognition of his ability to study Algebra before completing fifth grade. His next goal is to complete the Math and Reading programs and his sister, Isabella, is right behind him.

 “Andoni has always had a knack for numbers and we are so proud of him,” says his mother, Rosario who used to do daily learning activities with Andoni and his sister before enrolling them in Kumon.  “His daily Kumon study has taught him responsibility and time management but also honesty.”

Rosario, who manages a medical practice, wants her children to value education but to also understand the importance of balance in life between work and play. She used to drive 55 minutes away before the Palm Coast Center opened.

“Andoni is a role model for the other students at the center,” says his Instructor, Mita Tomerlin. “He faces the challenge of new concepts with confidence and enthusiasm.”

In his free time, Andoni likes to play soccer, draw, read and build things with Legos.  He hopes to attend medical school one day and become a doctor like his uncles.

“Seeing my uncles treat patients each day inspires me to be a doctor,” says Andoni.

Link to news article published in the Palm Coast Observer on March 10, 2011