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About the Instructor


Denise Ensign is the Instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Redmond.  She has been a strong believer in the power of long-term study in Kumon for over twenty years. Her journey began as a Kumon mom with her two sons, and continues as an instructor.

It has been fourteen years since Denise took over Kumon of Redmond.  Her sons have since graduated from Purdue University, one in Computer Science, the other in Aviation.  They credit their years of Kumon study as an important part of their success at Purdue.

As proud as she is of her own children’s success, she is just as proud of what the students at her Center accomplish every day.  A small sample of the success of her students, who have completed the Math Program, include: those who have graduated from Duke University, Stanford and other excellent universities.  Another who scored 100% on the MCAT and is currently in medical school to become a neurologist, fulfilling his goal that he told Denise about when he was only 14 years old.  Two separate students who were accepted into the Robinson Center program at the University of Washington, where they began taking college classes when they were only freshmen in high school.  One has since graduated from UofW with a BS in Computer Science at the age of 19.  Most math program completers have scored 100% on the SAT, Reading program completers are scoring in the high 700s.  All have said that taking the SAT was like doing their Kumon because they had learned the concepts tested on the SAT while doing Kumon.

Denise is just as proud of her students who initially came to Kumon because they were challenged by their math and/or reading.  After making the commitment to study Kumon, and initially being allowed to step back as far as needed to fix what wasn't working, these same students have come to realize they now enjoy doing what they used to feel was overwhelming.  She is happily helping elementary students that struggled with Reading when she met them become nonstop voracious readers.  

Denise does her best to help parents understand that Kumon is not a short-term fix, but a long-term solution.  This is because the skills and abilities children need for successful high school and college study take time to develop.

Denise has a passion for her students and an earnest desire to help all children not only succeed, but excel in life.