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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Our Success Story

Denise and her staff work diligently with students from all public and private schools in the area. They are working to help students master the fundamentals of math and reading, develop proficiency, build strong study skills, and self-confidence.

A Long-Term Mom's Perspective

I would like to take an opportunity to review the Kumon Center of Redmond and its director, Denise. My son, who is now almost 11 years old, joined Kumon when he was 3.5 years old in 2009. We have been part of this Kumon center almost 8 years now. As we all know, for kids, school is not school without a teacher, and a home is not home without parents. Exactly the same way, the Kumon Center of Redmond is not a perfect center without Denise. Denise is well qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic to ensure that her students get the quality education they deserve. Thus, I can state with absolute certainty that Denise has what it takes to be an exceptional teacher and director to run this very well-maintained center.  Denise and her staff are very hard-working and fulfill students' and parents' needs on TIME. They are not only friendly but also able to determine what students need. They display a genuine concern for the advancement of their students. As a mentor, Denise freely shares her knowledge and experience and helps us to be confident for our SON's future academic career. I would definitely suggest my friends and family choose the Kumon Center of Redmond for their kids.

-Avani, mom of Veer, 5th grader - 

(2021 update) Veer is now a Reading Program Completer as a 7th grader, and Math Program Completer as a 9th grader

Lior's Story

I was good in math, but I wasn't as strong as I hoped to be. When I heard about Kumon, I asked my parents to sign me up. I started the Math Program in eighth grade in level A, doing basic addition/subtraction facts. However, after much practice, I built a strong mental math foundation and quickly advanced to the higher levels. By eleventh grade, when I finished the program, I was doing advanced calculus material that helped me when I took college calculus courses, which I aced. Today, I am a junior in college at UW at age 18 and I wouldn't be where I am academically without the help of Kumon.

-Lior, Math Program Completer

Vineel's Story

Kumon has helped me a ton throughout my school life. After I first joined Kumon in Kindergarten, I exceeded my classmates in all subjects. I did my Kumon sheets every day and advanced very quickly. Now, in 6th grade, I do advanced calculus and trigonometry. This is all thanks to the Kumon Program. The 5 – 10 sheets I did every day helped me practice math skills and move forward in academics.

The Kumon staff and my parents helped me when I didn’t understand a concept. Kumon was the reason I got 100% on my SBACK school tests and all 4’s/A’s on my report cards. Kumon helped me get the President’s Award of Academic Excellence at the end of elementary school. The Kumon Program has helped me improve my confidence. 

Kumon is easily capable of changing your life in academics. It helps with time management, discipline and builds a better work ethic. Kumon has made me a math expert. Kumon has helped me and it will help you. You will sharpen your math and reading skills. I highly recommend taking the Kumon program to realize its benefits like I have.

-Vineel, 6th grader

Kobe's Story

Kobe entered Kumon about 3 years ago and has made some great strides in his mathematics skills.  He was low-skilled and was behind his classmates when it came to math level skills. Kobe had always struggled with math and was not gaining ground in regular classes, and was in fact losing ground due to not enough time spent on skill development.  I enrolled Kobe in Kumon after a discussion with another parent who has a child in Kumon and how much it had done for her son. I met with the director of the site, Denise Ensign, to discuss Kobe’s skills and how low he was and how far behind he was in comparison to his peers.  Denise assured me that with hard work and commitment Kobe would be able to move forward with mathematics and make in-roads to catching up with his grade level.  Kobe set out learning the very basics and after initial struggles began to master mathematics concepts that he could not prior to Kumon.  Kobe then began to move forward with other mathematics skills, and again after initial struggles, he excelled in what he was learning.  Kobe is now doing things in math that I only thought or wished he would be able to do.   He still at times struggles with new concepts, but with hard work and support, he manages to master these new concepts.   I can see his mind turning in his eyes as he works on Kumon and can tell he is truly trying to master the concepts and improve.  Kobe is much further along today in his mathematics skills than I think he would be with just regular coursework at school.   Kobe was even asked to help other students in his class at school last year with math due to his increased understanding of concepts.  I am very proud of Kobe and how much he has grown in the mathematics skills, and how much this routine has helped in other areas of his life. 

-Denise Juarez, mom of Kobe, 8th grader

The Importance of Long Term Study in Kumon

Short note to say thank you to you and your staff for working through these unprecedented times! 

Kumon is what kept E. grounded in his learning journey. While we aren't huge fans of standardized testing, today we did receive his results from FastBridge and he was in the 99.9 for reading and math. I know it was far from easy to keep the center open, but we are so appreciative of all that you and the staff did. E. has adjusted well to ICS. Loves the school, is making new friends and participating in clubs. Thank you so much for all you do. K.