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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Sonya's Story


Sonya is Kumon of Reisterstown's first Math Program Completer.

She started studying at Kumon in December of 5th grade, to gain a bit more knowledge and to feel more confident in mathematics. As she progressed through the levels, she gained confidence and became one of the top students in her class. 

Females are under-represented in the STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), and Sonya has been fearless and diligent about succeeding in a field where she's a minority.  In fact, for many years, she has been attending a "Girl Power" event at Johns Hopkins University which encourages girls to enter the STEM fields, and also lets girls interested in those fields speak to successful women.  She has shared this event with many girls at Kumon, so they too can be confident and fearless. 

Recently, she completed the entire Kumon Math Program, which will prepare her for college. Since then, she has been working as a Primary Instruction assistant, who helps new Kumon students get acclimated to the center and learn the proper study approach.  :)

This fall, she will be attending Virginia Tech to study architecture. 

Kumon has played an integral role in Sonya's success, giving her the confidence to be successful in math and in her studies overall.  We are very proud of Sonya and wish her luck in college!