3 Tips for Back-to-School Success - Kumon

3 Tips for Back-to-School Success

As the new school year begins, every parent wants to encourage success for their children. Buying school supplies, books, and backpacks sometimes overshadows the little things that create a smooth and successful start to the school year. However, by implementing these three Kumon strategies into your children’s life outside of Kumon, you can help start the school year off right.

1.       Encourage studying every day

One fundamental part of the Kumon Method is emphasis on practicing math and reading every day. The focus on daily practice helps reinforce the critical skills each student needs to succeed in the future. By applying that same study skill to a student’s school work, your children learn to efficiently manage their time and priorities. Instead of procrastinating on each assignment, your children could have each assignment completed and reviewed well before its scheduled due date.

2.       Encourage independent learning

The Kumon Method encourages students to learn how to solve problems independently.  Children, who complete homework on their own, build confidence and are more eager to try new things. When your children express an interest in a new topic such as planets, geology, or oceanography, encourage them to research and learn about the subject independently. Once they have studied this topic thoroughly, ask them to teach you about it as an additional way to build confidence. Children learn through teaching others too.

3.       Encourage learning at their own pace

All students enrolled in the Kumon Method learn at their own pace. Students only advance when they are ready and fully understand specific topics. Outside of the Kumon Program, it is important to reinforce this approach by making sure that your children understand new materials taught in class and seek assistance from their teachers if they need help.

Can you think of additional ways that Kumon can help your children get ready for the upcoming school year?