4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers With Writing

4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers With Writing

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How Kumon Helps Preschoolers With Writing

As we watch three-year-olds easily navigate iPads and teens communicate primarily through smart phones, it’s easy to question the value of handwriting in today’s society. While it may not seem as important as it used to be, research indicates that handwriting positively influences reading, writing, language and critical thinking. Without over complicating things, the brain just engages differently when we write something as opposed to typing on a keyboard or touching a screen.

Yet, 25 percent of all elementary students are lacking competency in this foundational skill.
That’s where Kumon can help! From counting pictures to repeating words, thousands of early learners enrolled in Kumon develop a love of learning and a solid academic foundation. Kumon’s Pencil Skills level provides even greater support, complementing the early level of the math and reading material.

Handwriting is an important part of completing the Kumon Worksheets. For students to begin learning their letters and numbers and writing them correctly, proper pencil grip and a certain level of pencil skills are needed.
Let’s take a closer look at the Pencil Skills level.


Introduction to Fine Motor Skills through Coloring

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Young students are introduced to holding and using pencils or crayons in a fun,colorful and engaging way. Through coloring, scribbling and drawing freely, students enjoy the experience of using a pencil for the first time.


Proper Pencil Pressure

Straight lines task

Similar to the math and reading worksheets, the expectations of writing increases incrementally through the Pencil Skills level. As children become more comfortable with pencil grip, they will start practicing proper pencil pressure. They learn the amount of hand strength it takes to draw lines by connecting two pictures. Children will start to practice the direction of writing by drawing from top to bottom and left to right.

Pencil Control & Stamina


As children progress, they increase pencil control by drawing longer lines and actively staying inside curved lines. Worksheets go from relatively wide spaces with short lines to progressively longer, thinner lines. This helps helps preschoolers with writing by allowing them to become comfortable with moving their hands in different angles and directions. Even as adults, our hands tend to tire easily when writing. The Pencil Skills level helps preschoolers develop the proper stamina before advancing into the more difficult levels.

Introduction to Pre-Reading Skills


The Pencil Skills level compliment the Kumon Math and Reading material. We introduce them to pre-reading skills, while developing the proper pencil skills needed to excel in school. As they are not expected to read on their own yet, colorful worksheets with illustrations help them develop word association skills.


In combination with other activities that advance motor skill development, the Pencil Skills level prepares children to write their letters and numbers for the first time with excitement and confidence. Discover even more study tips and resources that will give your preschoolers a head start!