5 Books to Read in Celebration of International Literacy Day - Kumon

5 Books to Read in Celebration of International Literacy Day

In celebration of International Literacy Day on Sunday, September 8th, check out these books from the Kumon Recommended Reading List. This selection highlights the importance of literacy to your children and helps foster a life-long love of learning.

Kumon Recommended Reading Level 5A

This Newbury Honor winning book about a bunny trying to make his way back home is an excellent book to practice your children’s reading aloud skills.

Kumon Recommended Reading Level 5A

Children discover intriguing facts about the world of insects, while learning the alphabet, as they explore this fascinating book.

Kumon Recommended Reading Level CII

A story about a boy who decides to rename a pen helps children understand the power of words.

Kumon Recommended Reading Level F

A fascinating historical fiction about a young boy ordered to infiltrate Shakespeare’s acting troupe and steal the script of “Hamlet.” Only through his journey does he discover the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Kumon Recommended Reading Level J

This classic novel depicts a frightening vision of a world where, instead of putting out fires, firemen start them to burn books. Readers of all ages will be swept up in the harrowing suspense of “Fahrenheit 451” as the characters combat censorship.