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Summer Reading Tips: 5 Creative Ways For Kids to Keep Up

A book sits on a towel at the beach readey to use a few summer reading tips

As you bask in the summer sun and enjoy the longer days, it’s the perfect time to incorporate reading into your children’s daily routine. The a young boy reads a book in a hammockmagical thing about books is that they can make our imaginations soar by whisking us off to faraway lands or transporting us back into history, but they can also spark new interests. So in the spirit of adventure, lets tap into a few summer reading tips that can help keep their skills growing in the season off school.

Ongoing research indicates that most students can lose up to two to three months of critical reading skills over the summer months. Whether at home, by the pool, on a plane, or at the local library, daily reading can strengthen your children’s reading skills.

With a little creativity, summer reading can be fun and help prevent your children from spiraling down the “summer slide.”

Here are five creative summer reading tips:

    1. Create a reading spot. Designate a cozy nook for your children where they can relax and get lost in a book. Try a hammock in the backyard or build your own reading fort with blankets and pillows.
    1. Connect books to travel or activities. With family trips and activities planned for the summer, find books related to where you’re visiting! If you’re planning a day at an aquarium, check out books related to various sea life. Or, if you’re visiting sites that are rich in history like the nation’s capital, dive into some books to learn about the country’s founding fathers. They will have fun connecting their own experiences to the books they are reading.
    1. Read the same books as your children. Tackling the same reading list as your children will be your own form of a book club! Engaging in thoughtful discussions will further develop their insight and critical reading skills.
    1. Visit your local library. Beat the summer heat and head over to your local library. Have your young reader explore the library and check out a book of their choice. Some libraries even offer story hours, educational speakers, workshops, and musical performances that will keep your children engaged!
  1. Subscribe to educational magazines. Magazines can be fun for children to read over breakfast and in between books! Try subscriptions to educational publications like, Highlights, National Geographic Kids, Muse, Stone Soup, and Ranger Rick.