5 Tips for Student Success in Elementary School - Kumon

5 Tips for Student Success in Elementary School

  1. Stick to a Routine

Children benefit from having a consistent bedtime and wake time each day. Taking time to have breakfast in the morning is very important to get the day started. If your children spend a lot of time deciding what to wear and in preparing their backpack in the morning, add these activities to their nighttime routine to have a smooth start to the day. Having a consistent homework time each day is an important component with building study skills.

  1. Support Homework Independence

Once students are able to read the directions on their homework, they should complete their assignments by themselves. Students may ask for help because they enjoy the parental attention, but this can lead to asking for help when they don’t need it. When children do their homework without a reminder and on their own, this is a good time to acknowledge their independence.

  1. Think Long-Term

Children who have a long-term goal often have increased motivation in school. Setting a long-term goal with your child can help connect the relevancy of your child’s daily activities with the future. It is never too early to think about developing time management skills. Using time wisely by completing homework and chores quickly enables children to have more time for fun activities.

  1. Have a Positive Learning Attitude

Attitudes are infectious and an integral component to having success. Parents who have a positive attitude towards learning and school can excite children with their enthusiasm. On the other hand, their mindset may be affected by parents who are upset with the teacher or school. Showing interest in your children’s studies by asking questions can foster motivation and a positive learning attitude.

  1. Connect with the Teacher

Building a relationship with your child’s teacher can help you understand how your child is doing at school and how you can help your child best at home. Try to meet with the teacher for a few minutes as soon as the school year begins. Working as a team, this partnership can make the school year go more smoothly for you and your child.