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5 Tips to Successfully Complete Your Child’s Kumon Homework at Home

October can be a busy month for many of our Kumon Families with the school year well underway and the holiday season fast approaching.  Some parents may need extra help from babysitters, nannies or grandparents to complete additional errands or prepare for the holidays. Other families may just need some tips on the best ways to motivate their children to complete daily Kumon Assignments. We have compiled a list of five tips to help your children successfully complete their Kumon Homework:

1.       Establish a routine
Set a regular time and place to complete daily Kumon Homework. Choose a time that fits into your children’s routine. This might mean completing Kumon Homework during the morning just after breakfast or immediately after your children return from school.

2.       Lead by example
When your children are working on their Kumon, take the time to complete tasks necessary around the house. Working on your responsibilities at the same time your children work on theirs shows that parents have “homework” to do too. Make sure you encourage your caregivers to complete their tasks at the same time as your children to help reinforce this message.

3.       Manage Priorities
As the school year progresses, some parents may find that maintaining a daily routine becomes more challenging. Long-term goals help manage your children’s priorities. Help prioritize your children’s  activities based on their long-term goals. By efficiently managing priorities, your children stay committed to the Kumon Program. For ways to help manage your student’s priorities, visit our “Balancing Your Child’s After-school Activities” blog post.

4.       Celebrate successes big and small
Encouragement and praise are two important tactics parents can use to keep children motivated. Praise your children for working on their Kumon Homework without being asked or for correctly answering challenging problems. For additional resources on how to motivate your child, check out these tips on the best ways to praise your child.

5.       Be consistent
Consistency is a key part to making sure your children successfully complete their Kumon each night. If you are planning to be away when your children typically complete their homework, make sure that your caregiver is aware of their routine.

For additional ways to help your children complete their Kumon homework, check out on these tips from our “Kicking Off Kumon in the New Year” blog post from earlier this year.