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5 Ways to Add Math to Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Ringing in the New Year with your children can provide you with excellent opportunities to sneak math into your celebrations.

1.       Party Preparations

Ask your children for help in preparing the party favors, plate settings, etc. Have your children set the table for each guest. Ask your children how many plates, cups, etc. you have total and how many total guests will be coming to the celebration to get your children ready for this task. Once the items have been organized, be sure to follow up by asking your children how many items are left over.

2.       Cooking

Cooking is always a good opportunity to practice math skills. When making food for your New Year’s Eve party, have your children assist in revising the recipes for the number of guests and calculate how many hors d’oeuvres each guest should have.

3.       Countdown Goodie Bags

A few days before your celebration, have your children create goodie bags full of toys and games to play on New Year’s Eve. On the outside of each bag, label each bag with an analog clock marking the time each bag should be opened. Then at your celebration, have your children identify which bags should be opened at each hour.

4.       Math Bingo

As a fun party game for your children, have them play Math Bingo. Instead of picking numbers from a hat, write a series of equations that add up to the numbers on your children’s bingo cards.

5.       Countdown

With your New Year’s Eve celebration, you can have your children help countdown the hours to midnight using posters and markers. When 2013 is here, you could have your children continue the countdown fun by counting down the days until 2014.

What are some additional ways to add math to your New Year’s Eve celebrations?