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6 Fun Activities to Do When It’s Cold Outside

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful. Since we’ve got no place to go, let’s have fun, fun and more fun!

Across the United States and Canada, winter has finally arrived. Just because the temperatures may have dropped in your area, it doesn’t mean your children’s outdoor learning activities should wait until spring. We’ve compiled a list of activities that are perfect for you to do with your children inside and outside during the winter months.

1.       Snow Writing

If snow is on the ground, use food coloring, water and a spray bottle to create your own work of snow art. Head outside to paint the snow. Have your children practice writing words and numbers in the snow.

2.       Flake Catcher

If snow is in the forecast in your area, prepare for this activity by putting a few sheets of black construction paper in the freezer for a few hours. Once it starts snowing, have your children grab the construction paper and head outside to catch snowflakes. Once you have caught a number of snowflakes, head back inside and use a magnifying glass to see how different each snowflake looks.

3.       Weather Gauge

When the forecast calls for snow or rain, tape a rule inside an empty container and set it outside in an open space. After each snow or rainfall, measure the level of precipitation in the can. Use that data to create a chart to track the total snowfall throughout the season.

4.       Temperature Detective

Have your children place thermometers around the house, outside, in the garage or basement and measure the temperature. Ask your children to determine whether they think the temperature will be higher, lower or stay the same when they check a few hours later. Write down their answers. After three hours, have your children revisit the areas to re-measure the temperature and record your results. Be sure to discuss why their results may have been different from or similar to their guesses.

5.       Snow Detective

This is a great activity for children a few days after snowfall. After bundling up, head outside and investigate the footprints in the snow. See if your children can figure out who, or what made the footprints. As another activity, ask your children to compare each footprint by size, shape and depth.

6.       Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Before heading outside, compile a list of 15 – 20 items you might see outside. After making sure you and your children are bundled up, head outside for a scavenger hunt. Bring a camera to take pictures of items on your list

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