6 Ways to Use Candy for Fun Math Games – Valentine’s Day Edition - Kumon

6 Ways to Use Candy for Fun Math Games – Valentine’s Day Edition

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Love is in the air

With some math fun too!

These fun activities for Valentine’s Day will be sure to foster the flames of a love for learning math among your children. Which of these math games will you play with your children?

1. Candy Estimation

Using Have your children estimate how many pieces of candy are in each fun-sized bag of Skittles, M&M’s, or any other type of candy.bag. Then have your children open the bag to compare their own estimations.

2. Candy Colors

Have your children count and record the total number of hearts in each color using a box of candy hearts. Create a bar graph based on the data collected to determine which color appeared most often in the box of candy hearts.

3. Perimeter of a Heart

Children can cut out hearts of various sizes and try to determine how to calculate the perimeter using candy hearts, M&M’s, and other small pieces of candy.

4. Valentine’s Day Nim

Using graph paper or a grid drawn on paper, have two players take turns placing 1 -3 pieces of candy on the board. The game ends when the last person places a piece on the board.

5. Candy Heart Bingo

Create Bingo cards using the messages on candy hearts as spaces.  Have your children take turns picking from a pile of candy hearts. The first player to reach “Bingo” wins.

6. Stack It!

Ask your children to predict how many candy hearts they think they can stack. Then, have your children try to reach that number. Be sure to keep track of how high each stack is.