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7 Fun Ways to Grocery Shop with Your Children

Grocery shopping is a great way for your children to practice and improve their math and reading skills from reading shopping lists to weighing the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Next time you need to shop for your groceries, be sure to try one of these fun activities with your children.


  • Grocery Timer

Set your watch or cell phone to go off at a specific time i.e. thirty to forty minutes. Tell your children that you have to finish grocery shopping when the alarm buzzes. Be sure to let them keep track of how much time has gone by.

2. Scavenger Shop

Turn your grocery list into a scavenger hunt for your children. Be sure to assign each child specific items such as a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, or a dozen eggs.

3. Price Comparison

Ask your children to help you compare different items from your grocery list. Ask them to use their math skills to select which items are the better deal, such as the 16 oz. box of cereal for $5.99 or the 10 oz. box for $3.99.

4. Fruits and Vegetable Quiz

Help your children identify fruits and vegetables they see in the produce aisle. Ask your children to name produce of a specific color, shape, or begin with the same letter. Ask your children to practice their phonemic awareness by naming produce that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

5. Grocery Bingo

Grocery Bingo is a fun and unique activity that will make time fly while grocery shopping. Use this grocery bingo board template from Real Simple, to help your children match the items on their bingo cards.

6. Name That Food

As you walk around the supermarket, point to unfamiliar foods and say the name more than once. Come back to those foods before checking out and ask your children if they remember the name. If they don’t remember, feel free to give them a hint or tell them the actual name. This helps build vocabulary and memory skills.

7. Checkout Sorting

When you and your children are ready to check-out, have your children organize the items on the conveyor belt by color, size, or shape.

Let us know which of these activities your children enjoyed doing the most.