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7 Great Books to Read During Great Books Week

Is your family ready to celebrate Great Books Week? We have developed a list of seven great books from the Kumon Recommended Reading List for your family to read each day of the week. During the week of October 6th, we invite your family to read one or more of the books below:

Kumon Recommended Reading Level 5A

Start your children’s day off with breakfast and Green Eggs and Ham. As a bonus breakfast activity, try making green eggs with a little help from some blue food coloring.


  • Monday, October 7th: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

Kumon Recommended Reading Level 4A

Help your children unlock the power of their imaginations as they read about a rabbit who transforms a simple cardboard box into a world full of possibilities and adventures. After reading this book, invite your children to use their imagination to discuss how the Kumon Program helps them unlock their potential.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level H

October 8th is National Face Your Fears Day. Celebrate this special occasion with your children by learning how one boy was able to face his fear of the ocean and develop into a strong, courageous young adult.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level AII

If your children have seen the major motion picture Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, or its sequel, encourage them to read the book that inspired both films.


  • Thursday, October 10th : Bunnicula by James Howe

Kumon Recommended Reading Level CI

This not-so-scary tale about a bunny vampire who sucks the juice out of vegetables is a great book to get your children in the mood for Halloween. For more great books to read with your children in anticipation of Halloween, check out our blog post, “Ghosts, Goblins, and Carrots? Top 10 Books for Kids This Halloween.”


Kumon Recommended Reading Level E

This enchanting novel about one girl’s encounter with a family gifted with eternal youth is a great book for readers of all ages.


Kumon Recommended Reading Level 2A

This timeless classic will help your children understand the joys of giving and can help prepare them for the giving season later this year.

What other books from the Kumon Recommended Reading List will your family be reading this week?