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8 Creative Ways to Teach Your Children

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. “ ~ Clay P Bedford, American engineer

Learning is not limited to the classroom; it can happen anywhere. Parents can help foster a sense a curiosity that will stay with their children throughout their lives by encouraging them to learn outside of school.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of creative ways and activities you can do to encourage your children to learn:

1.      Take It Outside

Nature can provide your children with excellent opportunities to learn from identifying plants and animals to exploring why the sun sets and how plants grow. By using nature to teach your children, you can encourage them to explore and learn how things work much like scientists do.

2.      Play a Game

Children love to play, so one way you can make learning fun is by incorporating math and reading activities into games. During board games, for example, ask your children to add up the number rolled on the dice, the number of marbles they have or the number of spaces they can move. Your children will be having so much fun as they play that they won’t realize that they are practicing the skills they learned at school. For older children, instead of adding numbers, ask your children to multiply the numbers instead.

3.      Get Crafty

Some children are hands-on learners so one way to encourage them to learn is by developing activities that help them visualize math and reading. Use colorful notecards or construction paper cut in shapes, write down numbers, letters, or words to help practice your children’s math and reading skills.

4.      Visit a Museum

Museums are always great sources of information. While visiting a museum, develop a scavenger hunt that encourages your children to explore all parts of the museum. One way is by developing a list of questions such as the name of paintings an artist created, the year an exhibit was created or when an object was discovered.

5.      Explore Space

For children who are interested in learning about the galaxy and beyond, NASA provides excellent resources for parents and kids. They include podcasts and activities on a wide variety of topics such as astronomy, the solar system, earth sciences and even math.

6.      Get Scientific

If your children are interested in learning how or why things work, enlist their help in creating a science experiment. Your experiment could be something as simple as comparing which items sink or float, or more complex such as building a working volcano.

7.      Go Back in Time

As the old saying goes, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So, one way to prevent that is by incorporating history lessons in your children’s studies. Share historical facts, or teach them about historical events and figures such as the American Revolution, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

8.      Write a Book

If your children are creative, encourage them to write their own stories to share with their family and friends. You can make their stories extra special by transforming them into an actual book that they can read once they have finished writing.

Which are these activities will you be doing with your children?