Aakarsh, 7: Instructor, Ketan Vankawala - Kumon

Aakarsh, 7: Instructor, Ketan Vankawala

January 10, 2012 ~

Aakarsh is a bright seven year old who continues to prove that regardless of age, nothing is impossible. With focus and discipline, second grader, Aakarsh, is acquiring the computation and analytical skills needed to solve Algebra problems. His Kumon Instructor, Ketan Vankawala, believes in the philosophy that, “There is no substitute for hard work,” and that Aakarsh is a role model for this philosophy and for all of the students at his center.

Aakarsh started his Kumon journey at the Milford Center in fall of 2009 when he was in kindergarten. He started with Level 4A in math and Level 5A in reading, and in two years, he has completed 11 levels in Math – reaching Level G which is Algebra and 12 levels in Reading to EI. Aakarsh has achieved “G by 2,” a Kumon milestone that has made is parents especially proud.

Aakarsh’s parents, Sriram and Vidya, are very dedicated to the Kumon program and helping their children reach their maximum potential. Whether the family goes on a short local vacation or a long overseas trip, Vidya makes sure Aakarsh completes his daily Kumon assignments. Both parents give daily praise and encouragement, especially when Aakarsh is working through challenging material.

Sriram says, “Kumon has certainly helped Aakarsh’s reading and writing skills. His teachers have recognized his analytical ability and give him higher-grade work. His grades are the highest in the class, and we’re hoping this will continue.”

Besides his school and Kumon education, Aakarsh attends taekwondo classes six times a week. He has received multiple Connecticut State level, Inter-school and consistent best student awards and is expected to get his Black belt (one of the youngest in school to achieve this goal) in the next few months. He’s also an advanced level swimmer and plays soccer in the little league. His other hobbies include playing with his PSP and looking after his baby brother.

Aakarsh’s words of wisdom for his fellow Kumon classmates? “Excel at what you do and success follows you.” His next goal is to complete the entire Kumon Program.