Aashay, 11: Instructor Irv Zylstra - Kumon

Aashay, 11: Instructor Irv Zylstra

October 20, 2010 ~

Aashay started Kumon in the first grade at the Kumon of Boynton Beach, Fla. As he heads into sixth grade this year, he will be well prepared for the challenges to come, as he recently completed the Kumon Reading Program.

Aashay knows that middle school will be more advanced and is currently in the home stretch to complete the math program. He spent the summer getting ahead by studying an advanced seventh grade math text book.

“I didn’t want him ever to struggle in his academics or have any difficulty,” said his mother, Akshita. “He receives a lot of praise at school about his ability to study advanced work, and that has helped him to keep achieving more.”

Akshita attributes the Kumon Program for instilling a motivation in Aashay to constantly be learning – even at a young age he was excellent in managing his time and constantly being active.

“Kumon has also helped me with my reading comprehension skills,” said Aashay. “I love reading big books and especially enjoy reading British mystery novels.”

Aashay balances multiple extracurricular activities, including two hours of swimming every day and piano.

“He has confidence and knows that he is very smart,” said his mother. “Every parent wants their child to have the confidence to dream big and attain their life goals, and Kumon helps him do that.”