Achieving Goals: What It Means as a Kumon Parent and Student -

Achieving Goals: What It Means as a Kumon Parent and Student


Setting goals is the first step toward achieving success. And before you can achieve that success, you need to know how to properly set goals. Once you know how to set goals, you can visualize them, make a plan to reach them and ultimately achieve them in the end.

When starting the Kumon Program, parents and students have specific goals in mind. They may range from reaching grade level to advanced study to program completion. The beauty of the Kumon Program is that it’s individualized for each student meaning that one student’s journey may not necessarily be the same as another.

We have compiled several stories from Kumon Parents and Students on how the Kumon Program helped them achieve their goals. Use these stories to encourage your family to reflect on your goals this past year.

Kumon Students

“The daily practice helped me set goals, challenge myself, and create a pattern for success. Kumon helped me succeed in school, and I earned a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Washington’s Honors College.” – Jake, Kumon Student from Mercer Island, WA


“The idea of persevering to make it to my ultimate goal was something I learned from being a Kumon Student.”– Cherry, Kumon Student from St. Louis, MO


“When I started Kumon, my goal was to complete both programs. The feeling of accomplishment and pride when I completed was extremely fulfilling.” – Fahim, Kumon Student from Riverhead, NY


“Kumon helped me become confident. I know that I can reach whatever goals I set in life.” – Rose, Kumon Student from Orangeville, ON, Canada


“Set your goals high and never settle for less. Constantly challenging yourself towards a goal tests how much you can achieve. By setting your goals high, you will never feel as if you failed. You will always land somewhere where you feel positive and where you feel confident about yourself.” – Norman, Kumon Student from Bridgewater, NJ


“Kumon has turned me into the math person I always wanted to be. In Kumon, I learned that with will and persistent effort, your goals and dreams are attainable. If you can get through Kumon, you can accomplish anything in life.” – RJ, Kumon Student from Tulsa, OK


Kumon Parents

“Sam has really learned a lot from this experience about setting goals and working hard to reach them. I truly believe that all of his hard work at Kumon has helped him set and reach his goals.” – Rachel, Kumon Mom from San Antonio, TX


“It is only a little bit every day, and before you know it, you’ve mastered multiplication or algebra. Learning to break tasks down into small assignments is an essential skill for school and life.” – Jacki, Kumon Mom from, Plano, TX


“Every parent wants his or her children to have the confidence to dream big and attain their life goals, and Kumon helps my son do that.” – Akshita, Kumon Mom from Boynton Beach, FL


“A solid academic foundation is essential to future success. As parents we must always look at the goals ahead and remind ourselves and our children that perseverance pays off.” – Ratna, Kumon Mom from Oak Hill, VA


“When my children were younger than had difficulty focusing and sitting still, but now they set-up their own goals. My son, Christopher, for example, wants to reach the Kumon calculus Level before high school.” – Jinq-Meei, Kumon Mom from Kettering, OH