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Activities to Foster Independent Play

July 25, 2011 ~

Summer brings with it warm, long days loaded with free time for your child. Inevitably, there will be moments when your child gets bored and can’t find a friend to play with. These moments can be challenging for parents, who may feel tempted to fix their child’s boredom. But these challenges offer an opportunity to encourage your child to play independently, which will teach your child to entertain himself or herself all summer long.
The Right Toys
There are many toys out there that can help a child play and learn more independently. Puzzles and puzzle games offer hours of independent play while also teaching problem-solving skills. Stacking toys, such as building blocks, or assembly toys are also hugely popular and can help introduce your child to a world of independent fun.
Independent Reading
Probably the most classic form of independent entertainment comes from books. Books introduce children to new places, people and ideas that may have eluded them until now. If your child has a lot of free time this summer, take him or her to the library to discover new authors. The right book makes all the difference, and summer is the perfect time to start branching out into new genres.
Arts and Crafts
Children can have hours of fun on their own with art supplies like wood craft sticks, which may already be lying around the house. is loaded with summer art projects that are perfect for those days when your child is frustrated and feeling bored. Some may require a trip to the art supply store, but all of them will bring a smile to your child’s face as he or she completes them.
This summer, encourage your child to pursue activities that will help him or her manage boredom through independent play and learning. Doing this will help free up your time for other important things and will arm your child with the tools to feel entertained and happy all summer long.