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Activities to Keep Young Minds Sharp This Summer

June 13, 2011 ~

Summer is a time when children should enjoy being off from school, but it doesn’t mean that their brains should go on break for three full months. These formative years are a particularly crucial time in a child’s development. Keeping children sharp during the summer will make the transition back to school easier and will help them retain all that knowledge they have acquired throughout the year. Here are a few ways you can keep your child learning when the last bell rings this summer.

Leap Ahead this Summer with Kumon

When school is out, your child will have a lot more free time. This is why summer is a great time to stay enrolled in Kumon’s year-round program. With only 30 minutes a day improving math and reading skills, your child will be able to enjoy all the summer fun while also continuing to advance his or her academic skills. Meet with your Kumon Instructor to create a special summer lesson plan specific to each child’s ability, monitor progress and encourage your child to achieve his or her goals. Find out how far ahead your child can get with only 30 minutes a day of academic enrichment. During the break, help your child get and stay ahead of the class. Visit the Library for Summer Reading

Libraries offer reading programs during the summer months to help keep children reading all year long. Enrolling your child in a reading program is a great option to keep reading skills sharp during the long break. If your local library doesn’t offer this kind of program, check out LibWeb, which is a list of library home pages all over the world. This will help you find a nearby library that does have a summer reading program your child can attend.
Activate Mind and Body with Day Camps

Camp is not for every child but can certainly provide healthy activities for both body and mind. In addition to being entertaining, day camps provide a steady schedule that is important to keep children engaged and learning throughout the sticky summer months.  If you want to learn about day camps in your area, talk with other parents or visit, which is loaded with camps of all kinds.
To keep your child in a good place academically when the first day of school finally arrives, make sure he or she stays busy this summer with activities that support learning and education.