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Activities to Make Math Fun for Children

For some children, practicing math can be seen as an arduous and daily chore, resulting in negative feelings towards math. One way to help to change your children’s attitude about math is by transforming it into a fun activity. We have compiled a list of activities to help change your children’s perspective on math.

  • Snack Math

Using these Snack Mats from Little Minds at Work or by creating your own, you can help your children practice math before eating their afternoon snack. Not only will they be able to practice addition and subtraction skills, but also practice using the “greater than” and “less than” symbols.

  • Hidden Numbers

Print out or write a number on a card the same size of an envelope and place the card inside an envelope. Cut a small hole on one side of the envelope such that only a portion of the number is visible. Let your children guess the number inside the envelope.

  • Math Detectives

If your children are mini-detectives or love solving puzzles, you could try this fun activity from The Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes to create a series of math puzzles for your children to solve. For younger children, ask them to solve simple addition and subtraction equations and for older ones, try implementing word problems, fractions, or even algebra.

  • Marshmallow Measurements

To get your children started in measurement practice, try using marshmallows, pretzels, or small pieces of candy instead of a ruler. That way, your children will be able to understand the concept before being introduced to the concepts of inches and centimeters.

  • Lego Math

If your children love playing with Legos, try using them to create math problems. Ask your children to add or subtract the number of studs of two or more Lego blocks. Another way to practice math with Legos is by building an object and having your children estimate the total number of blocks it took to create the shape.

  • Coin Critters

Give your children a selection of coins (quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes) and ask them to use the coins to adds up to a specific number and create a coin critter. Once your children have created the coin critter, be sure to draw legs, and an antenna.

What are some additional ways you can make math fun for your children?