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Adding Math & Reading to Your Child’s Summer of Fun

Summer is now in full swing for millions of students across the U.S. and Canada. Although school may be over for many students until August or September, summertime does not have to mean a break from academic studies. When you encourage your child to study and learn every day, you help combat the negative effects summer break can have on your child’s academic efforts, as discussed in our “How to Prevent the Effects of Summer Learning Loss” blog post.

Reading is a fundamental part of enriching your child’s academic abilities. As a result, encouraging your child to read every day is an important part of fostering his or her abilities during the summer. The Kumon Recommended Reading List has an extensive collection of books for your child to choose from. Be sure to take advantage of the Monthly Staff Picks and Recommended Reading Lists featured on our blog for more great books to read.

In addition to reading, use this summer to encourage your child to practice his or her math skills. By turning math into a fun and engaging activity, your child will feel motivated to learn. Our “Practicing Math Outside of School” and “Practical Math: How To Use Math Every Day With Your Children” blog posts detail fun ways to add math to your everyday activities, like measuring ingredients when baking or by playing games like Scrabble or Monopoly.

In addition to these activities, consider enrolling your child into the Kumon Program this summer to provide a structured and balanced approach to enriching his or her summer activities. Practicing math and reading skills now can help prepare your child for success when classes resume in the fall.

For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your child prevent the effects of summer learning loss, contact your local Kumon Center.