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Advancing Toward Success with the Kumon Program

The objective of the Kumon Program, in terms of academic ability, is to make the study of high-school level math and reading easy. In addition, Kumon has another important aim: to instill in students the skills and mindset for self-learning. Once students have developed the skills to learn concepts they have not yet encountered on their own, they will continue to advance independently. With an increased sense of confidence and a belief that they can do more than they ever thought possible, students can advance beyond grade level, and receive the true benefit of the Kumon Method.

Kumon students who have reached the Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) in the Kumon Math Program are well prepared when math problems become more difficult in school and the workload increases. Developing strong calculation ability in Kumon leads to students having an increased sense of confidence when tackling math in school. It also provides students with the skills and preparation needed to study advanced placement (AP) courses in high school.

Similarly, students who have reached ASHR in the Kumon Reading Program are developing a high level of reading ability that will be crucial in high school. As Kumon Reading students approach the Critical Reading Skill Block in the reading program, they will encounter concepts that range from character analysis to content evaluation and critique.

As education standards continue to raise the bar when it comes to learning expectations in school, many parents may wonder if their children are prepared. A solid foundation in math and reading can truly make a difference in a child’s learning experience. This solid foundation, coupled with studying at an advanced level, gives Kumon students the tools needed to excel in any school curriculum.