Aishwarya, 11; Instructor, Suresh Guthikonda - Kumon

Aishwarya, 11; Instructor, Suresh Guthikonda

As a child who has always loved to read, 11-year-old Aishwarya never imagined that she would complete Kumon’s Reading Progam in less than a year.  Three months into the reading program, Aishwarya had reached level G, a 7th grade reading level, while still in the 5th grade.  “Once I reached the “G by 5” status, I set the goal of finishing the Kumon reading program,” said Aishwarya.  “If I have gotten this far, why quit,” she said. Like most 11-year-olds, in addition to school, Aishwarya’s days are filled with extracurricular activities.  Singing Indian classical music, playing the violin, and drawing, are just a few of the activities she’s involved in.  With such a busy schedule, Aishwarya learned how to manage her time and make Kumon a part of her daily routine. “I would first do school homework, then Kumon,” she said.  “Once I finished that I would do the rest of my activities.”

Aishwarya’s dedication and perseverance were evident to her Kumon Instructor.  “Aishwarya has not only been a great student, but a role model for many other students,” said her instructor Suresh Guthikonda.  “Her focus and concentration, as well as her discipline and good behavior, has helped her to complete the program at such a young age.” Support from her parents and Kumon Instructor, gave Aishwarya the confidence she needed to excel in the Kumon program and school.

She credits her advanced work in Kumon with her academic success.  “If you are above your grade level in a certain subject, in school you will have no trouble with your assignments,” she said. When Aishwarya’s not singing, drawing, or roller skating, she dreams of becoming a pediatrician or a paleontologist when she grows up.  Even more, she plans on getting her master’s degree in the medical science field or in the arts.