Akash, 8: Instructors Nicole Prihoda & Robert Zima - Kumon

Akash, 8: Instructors Nicole Prihoda & Robert Zima

January 5, 2011 ~

Greatness comes at any age. Eight-year-old, Akash of Cary, Illinois is the youngest student to complete the Kumon Math Program in the United States.  Akash is one of 298 students to complete the math program this year.

“Akash has always loved math,” says his father, Arumugam. “With Kumon he was always learning and being challenged in a comfortable environment.”

Akash’s parents heard about Kumon from friends and enrolled him in 2006, shortly after his fourth birthday. They worked with his Kumon Instructor to encourage and support him through each of the Kumon math levels.  He was able to complete the daily assignments using the examples to learn concepts like factorization and linear equations.

“My mom and dad helped me by connecting what I was learning to real life situations and examples,” says Akash. “Completing the program has helped make school easier and more fun.”

In addition to helping him skip a grade and participate in gifted and talented programs at school, Akash’s advanced math skills have earned him first place in regional math competitions held by the North-South Foundation’s  and a place in the top 25% in Math Kangaroo’s National competition.

“Akash is a role model for his fellow students,” says Nicole Prihoda, co-instructor at Kumon of Algonquin. “His focus and dedication to completing the program motivates other students to reach their own goals.”

Akash hopes to become a doctor one day so he can continue to help others. In his free time, Akash enjoys reading, playing video games, hanging out with his friends and practicing his violin.  He plans to return to Kumon as an assistant so he can assist other students to complete the Kumon Math program.