Alan, 16; Instructor, Heidi Laws - Kumon

Alan, 16; Instructor, Heidi Laws

By age three, he had stepped into his first Kumon Center; by age 13, he had completed the Kumon Reading Program; and by age 16, Alan was the first student at Kumon of Eugene, Oregon to reach Level X in mathematics and become a Dual Program Completer. This summer, Alan is making the transition from Kumon Student to Kumon Assistant by helping the kids he was sitting among not so long ago.

Born in Japan, Alan began his Kumon career studying math, reading, and Japanese in the Junior Kumon Program across the Pacific Ocean. At age five, Alan and his family moved to California, and he continued his Kumon curriculum, pacing himself ahead of his classmates. In third grade, Alan moved once again and began attending O’Hara Catholic School in Eugene, Oregon where he continued his Kumon studies. Moving and changing schools can be tough on kids, especially in keeping up with their academic studies, but Alan says, “Kumon helps you get started in school, transitioning with new topics, as well as progressing and staying above par.”
Alan completed the Kumon Reading Program, which reaches the equivalent of high school Advanced Placement courses, in eighth grade. While Alan may not have always loved attending Kumon and completing the worksheets, he says he’s appreciative of the program. “Yes, it’s more work on top of school, but it definitely helped. Algebra was made much easier in school since I already saw it in Kumon,” explains Alan.
Now, after becoming an official Kumon Dual Program Completer, Alan is taking on the additional challenge of starting his first job – as a Kumon Assistant. Instead of sitting among the round tables and stools with Kumon Students, Alan will be sitting behind a desk in the grading center where he will be helping others achieve their highest potential – just like he did.