Alex, 10; Anna Dabrowska-Radtke, Instructor - Kumon

Alex, 10; Anna Dabrowska-Radtke, Instructor

Like many 10-year-olds, Alex Wang has an array of interests.  He’s spent the past few years playing the piano and violin as well as learning to speak Chinese and Spanish. Alex also enjoys playing ice hockey and basketball, and is a competitive swimmer.

One of his favorite hobbies is reading. To enrich his love of reading, Alex’s mother enrolled him at a local Kumon Math and Reading Center when he was in the third grade. He was already reading fourth and fifth grade level books at the time.  Alex enjoyed the book excerpts included the Kumon Reading program worksheets so much, he took it upon himself to read many of the books in their entirety.

“Alex is extremely motivated,” says Anna, his Kumon Instructor. He set a goal of finishing the entire reading program by the fourth grade.  He is so engaged in the program that he [once] rushed from his hockey practice to attend the last few minutes of an award ceremony held at the center.” While still in the third grade and focused on his goal, Alex reached level G in the Kumon Reading Program. This level contains material typically not encountered until the 7th grade, such as extracting the main points, themes and story elements from passages. On par with his Kumon goal, Alex completed the entire Kumon Reading Program in 17 months while in the fourth grade.

The Kumon Reading Program improved his reading and vocabulary skills and gave him the confidence to enter the Word Master Gold Division Competition, a national competition that encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.

“I am quite busy but I am able to manage these activities while still having fun with computer games and play dates,” says Alex. “If I have a secret to handle all these activities well, that would be I stay focused on every activity I do.”

Alex is also enrolled in the Kumon Math Program and will no doubt achieve new milestones. In the future he wants to travel the world and one day become a famous architect. As his mother states, “Alex’s determination and ability to concentrate and focus on every activity has taken him to where he is and will continue to propel him toward future success.”

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