Amila, 10; Instructor, Alice Wang - Kumon

Amila, 10; Instructor, Alice Wang

10-year-old Amila, a student at the Kumon of Allen-East Center, was so eager to advance through the Kumon Reading Program that she reached program completion by the fourth grade. Looking to continuously nurture their daughter’s education, Amila’s parents enrolled their first born in the Kumon Reading Program at just four years old. Amila quickly excelled and developed a clear curiosity about reading. Her parents knew program completion was an achievable goal very early in her Kumon Career.
“She was always thrilled to move from one level to another quite rapidly,” said Amzad, a proud father of three Kumon Students. “I always knew it was something she would achieve quickly.” Having already developed a love of reading, Amila read her first chapter book in kindergarten. Studying far above grade level, Amila reached G-by-5 in the Reading program, a national award for students who reach Kumon Level G in math or reading before fifth grade, while still being in third grade. With her reading skills rapidly developing, Amila began to read books from Kumon’s Recommended Reading List. “At first I was annoyed. It seemed like my dad was forcing me to read certain books,” said Amila. “Then I realized that these books were actually some of the best books I ever read.” It was because of this developed love of learning and the support of her family that Amila was able to persevere through more challenging levels. “Sometimes I became frustrated in the higher reading levels, such as Level K and L. It was challenging, trying to interpret advanced reading comprehension,” explained Amila. “Without my parents, I could have not completed the Kumon Reading Program.” Amila finished the Kumon Reading Program in the February 2012, while she was in fourth grade, being amongst the youngest in the country to do so. Amila enjoys the benefits of finishing the Kumon reading. “Now I can focus on my math,” said Amila. It was because of this rapid success that her parents also enrolled her in the Kumon Math Program.  Amila progressed quickly in math as well, completing long division in second grade and fractions the following year. Her success quickly transpired into her math studies as well, again achieving G-by-5. Being so confident in both familiar and newly introduced concepts, Amila is able to excel while helping those around her. “I love being able to help my classmates,” explains Amila. “Being advanced in reading and math helps me in other subjects.” “Some kids think that Kumon is something that their parents force them into,” said Amila. “But really, it’s for their own good. I wish everyone could enjoy the benefits of Kumon like I do.” Already fluent in reading the Arabic language, the aspiring teacher plans to complete the Math Program and continue her study of Greek and old Egyptian mythology.