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Angel, age 10: Alison Mori, Kumon Instructor

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When Angel, now 10 years old, was in the second grade, his parents were presented with disheartening news from his school. He faced demotion for not meeting state curriculum standards. A special needs child, Angel was under an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at his school. His parents challenged the potential demotion and were able to get additional support from his school, preventing the decision.

To ensure Angel was being provided with a learning environment paced to his individual abilities, his parents also enrolled him in the Kumon Reading Program just before he began the third grade.  According to his mom, “[Kumon] has given him the academic guidance to independently flourish into his own and to be his best.”  As Angel entered the fifth grade, he achieved Kumon’s advanced reading comprehension award, reading two years above his grade level. Not only that, for the time ever, Angel is proficient in all his subjects at school.

Three years into the Kumon Program, Angel has evolved from a quiet and shy boy to a confident Kumon Honor Roll student. At school, he joined the chess club and ballroom dancing program. He has also earned Certificates of Achievement in the NYC Recreational Parks Swimming Program where he achieved two levels of swimming instruction.

Alison Mori, his Kumon Instructor, looks back to the day when Angel first stepped foot into her learning center. Little did she know that the once shy, eight year old who struggled with sounding out words is now studying critical reading and analysis at age 10. “He’s more comfortable with reading aloud and his confidence has improved immensely. I am truly proud of his progress, he is a superstar,” says Alison. He is currently studying level H of the Kumon Reading Program, which enhances comprehension and summarization skills.

When a support system is consistent and strong, special needs transforms into an inspiring display of strength and accomplishment. “We all have to work together in order to achieve success,” says Alison.