Ankitha, 12: Instructor, Kalla Anand - Kumon

Ankitha, 12: Instructor, Kalla Anand

January 25, 2012 ~
Sixth grader, Ankitha, 12, fills her time after school with countless hours of extra-curricular activities, including swimming, dancing and music lessons, as well as homework for her advanced level classes at school.  Although her schedule sounds hectic, Ankitha, a Kumon Level J Math Student and recent Reading Program Completer, still finds time to fit Kumon into her busy day. In fact, she can’t remember life without it.

Ankitha enrolled in Kumon of Hillsboro in Oregon when she was just four years old. Motivated by her older brother, Anish, now 22, a Kumon Math Program Completer, Ankitha wanted to follow in her brother’s footsteps.

“When she was little, she was excited to start Kumon,” said Ankitha’s mom, Suma. “She already knew the routine because of her brother, so the adjustment period was already taken care of.”

“I still remember the day Ankitha joined Kumon when she was four,” said Kumon of Hillsboro and Cedar Mill Instructor Kalla Anand. “Since then, she has blossomed into a diligent and dedicated Reading Program Completer. Ankitha is an excellent self-learner and a true role model for other students. I look forward to watching her complete the Math Program as well!”

To reach her goal of completing the Math Program, Ankitha has set a routine to make sure she has time to keep up with her busy schedule.  Every day, when she comes home from school, she completes her regular homework and Kumon homework right away. Then she practices dancing or music so she’s prepared for those classes as well.

Even at a young age, Ankitha sees the value of hard work and perseverance, and she shares her advice with other Kumon Students.

“Even though it’s hard, keep trying, but don’t give up,” said Ankitha. “If you give up, there’s always something you will lose.”