Anna, 19; Instructor: Desiree Latimer - Kumon

Anna, 19; Instructor: Desiree Latimer

Education inspires students to reach incredible heights. Anna, a 12th grade alumna of the River Heights Kumon Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a student whose inspiration led her to enjoy some incredible achievements. Among her many accomplishments, Anna received 100 percent in both the provincial math exam and her final math class at school.

Anna’s mother enrolled her in the Kumon Math Program with the goal of improving her math skills to be as strong as her reading abilities. Having quickly met that goal, Anna took the next steps toward program completion.

“In Kumon, I had the opportunity to tackle new challenges and push my limits as a student,” said Anna.

Her positive attitude and desire to challenge herself helped Anna earn university credit even before graduating from high school. She achieved an “A+” on the University of Manitoba’s calculus exam, which means that upon enrollment in the fall, Anna will already have university credit allowing her to enroll in more advanced courses.

Beyond growing her academic skills, Anna found additional motivation to give back to her friends and peers by becoming a tutor. “I’m always able to find a way to explain the concept in a way that they can understand and apply themselves,” Anna said. “I really enjoy helping others improve their math marks. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’ve helped others to be successful.”

When not studying, working as an assistant at the River Heights Kumon Center or preparing for college, Anna can be found at downhill ski competitions around Manitoba with hopes of participating in the next Canadian Winter Games. She also enjoys playing soccer and piano and recently recorded an album playing clarinet with the “Klezmer Kids” music group.