Anthony, 14: Instructor Kim Phull - Kumon

Anthony, 14: Instructor Kim Phull

November 10, 2010 ~

Anthony, a 14-year-old student of the Vaughan-Maple Kumon Center has enjoyed many memorable experiences since enrolling in the Kumon Program in 2003. In seven years, he has achieved program completion, helped his school finish first in the Canadian National Mathematics League contest and beat Hall of Fame CFL running back Mike “Pinball” Clemens in a math challenge in 2005.

These are memories that will last Anthony a lifetime. However, one memory that truly stands out was when Anthony’s opportunity to push his academic limits almost came to a stop.

Three years ago, Kim Phull, instructor at the Vaughan-Maple Kumon Math and Reading Center, was contacted by Anthony’s father, who explained that they would have to leave the program, as they could no longer afford it.

“It was a tough decision at the time,” Anthony’s father said. “I knew how much it meant to Anthony to challenge himself, and it was hard on me to be forced to take that away from him.”

Fortunately, for Anthony’s family, Kim had other plans, so Anthony could continue to strive toward his full potential.

“I couldn’t let Anthony leave the program under those circumstances, so I created a scholarship program at my center in Anthony’s name, with him as the inaugural recipient,” Kim explained.  “Anthony’s potential was and still is undeniable.”

Anthony is currently continuing his study at Kumon tackling Level X worksheets and working hard in the gifted program at Glen Shields Public School.

“Completing the Kumon program has allowed me to enjoy many unique experiences,” said Anthony. “Not only have I improved my skills, but I’m feeling confident and excited to tackle my next challenge.”