Anya, Age 11; Kalla Anand, Instructor - Kumon

Anya, Age 11; Kalla Anand, Instructor

For an 11-year-old-girl, Anya already has an impressive resume. Among becoming a finalist at the North South Foundation’s Junior Spelling Bee in Maryland (2010), Anya also participated in the First Lego League (FLL) State Competitions (year). FLL is a robotics program aimed to excite children about science and technology while teaching valuable employment and life skills. Her team won 1st place in the Core Values category of the competition.  Just last year, Anya saw success with a poem she wrote about a friend called “Cultural Life.” After entering it into a student writing competition, she learned it was selected to be published online at, where it can be viewed in their spring 2013 collection.

Her trail of accomplishments doesn’t end there. Anya has been enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program since 2004 and has recently completed the Reading Program, which ends with high school level reading comprehension. Anya has also completed two-thirds of the Kumon Math program, which concludes with calculus.

Enrolled at a Kumon Math and Reading Center in Portland, Ore., Anya’s Instructor also happens to be her mom, Kalla. “At first, Anya loved Kumon because her brothers were in it. But, over time it became more challenging for her. Anya persisted, set her own goals and committed to complete the Reading Program by the 5th grade,” says Kalla. Anya credits her mom/Instructor as her inspiration. “Every month, my mom has a meeting where she has to do 40 pages of a level and the first time I saw here doing that, I got inspired to do 10 pages a day and it paid off because that inspiration lead me to the completion of the Reading program,” she says.

“The Kumon Math and Reading program has made Anya more confident and she is able to clearly express her ideas,” says Kalla. “The Reading and Math program helped me think in different ways,” says Anya. Anya’s advice to other Kumon students – “Don’t be disappointed if you’re not at a certain level yet.  You’ll get a good start and it will pay off.” “Kumon gives you examples that are easy to understand and comprehend,” she says.

Anya is fascinated by the medical profession and wants to become a pediatrician when she grows up.  “I love to be the doctor in the house and take care of everyone even though I am the youngest in my family,” she says.

With Anya’s vast array of academic accomplishments, it’s no surprise she has a variety of hobbies as well. Her favorite pastimes are soccer, swimming, classical Indian singing and dance, tennis, rock climbing, piano and ikulele. Anya is most proud of her soccer trophies and the fact that she finished the Kumon Reading Program before middle school.

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