Ava, 9 and Amber, 4: Instructor, Kathy Leano - Kumon

Ava, 9 and Amber, 4: Instructor, Kathy Leano

May 1, 2012 ~

Ava, 9, a third grade student in Mesa, Arizona practices with her dance company three times a week and says she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. A career in the arts, however, isn’t the only profession this youngster has in mind. Ava says she also wants to be an engineer.

Some may think Ava’s diverse career aspirations are an unlikely combination, since students’ interests generally lean more toward either the arts or the sciences – but rarely both. Perhaps, however, Ava’s well-rounded ambitions can be attributed to her strong foundation in both reading and math, which she gained by attending Kumon of Mesa-Superstition Springs for the last two years.
“In the third grade, Ava is reading fourth and fifth grade level books, taking fourth grade tests, along with displaying very advanced math skills within her class,” said Ava’s father, Robert.
Ava’s Kumon studies have helped her not only develop a love of learning and strong academic skills but also the aptitude and confidence to pursue many different interests – both inside and outside the classroom.
Ava’s parents, Robert and Gloria, have been so pleased with Ava’s experience at Kumon that they decided to also enroll her younger sister, Amber, who is 4 years old. Although Amber has been enrolled in Kumon for only five months, her parents have seen the benefits of the program.
“Amber is already showing an aptitude for reading and is a new little reader in the house, which will provide her a great start for Kindergarten next fall,” said Robert.
Ava and Amber’s Kumon Instructor, Kathy Leano, is strong advocate and supporter for both girls, helping them stay focused and motivated even during challenging levels.
“Ava has developed into a confident, independent student with good study habits, and after just five short months at Kumon, Amber, too, is blooming,” said Kathy. “I am very happy and proud of both Ava and Amber’s progress in Kumon.”