Avi, 9: Instructor, Susan Lake - Kumon

Avi, 9: Instructor, Susan Lake

April 3, 2012 ~

Students at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Westport, Connecticut had a very special reason to celebrate during National Literacy Month. Their Kumon classmate, Avi, had his first book, Tall Grass, published, making him an author at the young age of eight. At Kumon of Westport’s open house on March 31st, Avi gave a read-a-loud of his book and signed copies for friends and visitors.

Now in fourth grade, Avi has been passionate about writing and drawing for several years and has filled numerous journals with his work. When Avi was in third grade, he and a few classmates decided to turn some of their ideas into short stories, and Avi’s very first book was born. His short stories were combined to create Tall Grass, which is illustrated by his friends, Graham and Holden.
Avi gave the book to his parents, and once Avi’s father had time to sit down and read the story, he realized they had something special. Avi and his parents brought the book to a publisher, who agreed.
Avi’s father is especially happy with their decision to pursue publishing Tall Grass, saying, “Being an author at a young age has given him confidence that he will bring with him in whatever he does in life.”
In addition to writing, Avi keeps himself very busy with piano and karate lessons, math club and playing chess. Avi is enrolled in the Kumon Math Program and has achieved the milestone of reaching Kumon Level G by 4th grade. His parents enrolled him in the program to keep him challenged and motivated to build on his already strong math skills. They feel Avi is building a strong foundation in Kumon and improving his critical thinking ability, which continues to bring him success in the other clubs in which he is involved.
Avi’s maturity extends beyond his talent in writing. His Kumon Instructor, Susan Lake says, “Avi is so special to work with because his approach to problem solving is very sophisticated! He does not feel any barriers because of his youth. We appreciate how extraordinary his skills are but to him it just seems normal.”
When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, Avi’s response is, “An author.” An ambitious goal for most but one that nine-year-old Avi can already check off the list!
For more information about Avi, visit his website: http://www.avisardana.com.