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Back-To-School Series 

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There are a few school tasks that can help your child get the start they need before going back to school. Here are six we believe will prepare them best.

Participate in Shopping

Involving your kids in school shopping and letting them pick out certain items like their

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How Do I Get My Child into a School Routine?

We all admire teachers who commit to running and organizing their classroom effectively. It’s always highly evident when the teacher takes a considerable amount of time to teach and practice routines. We can see evidence of effective classroom management through behaviors such as students focusing on their work, and not talking over the teacher

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How To Get Your Child Out of the “Summer Slump”

Preparing to get your child ready to head back to school can present its challenges such as the summer slump.

We’ve put together a few ways that you can get them all set to take on the new school year: 

Have a positive attitude.


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Steps to Improve Your Child’s Concentration and Focus

The first step in improving concentration and focus in your child, is recognizing what the lack of it looks like. It can manifest as a general lack of interest, daydreaming, disorganization, and more. These are often evident during homework.

To improve concentration on tasks, sometimes we need to take a