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Balancing Your Child’s After-School Activities

With sports, music lessons, academic clubs and other extracurricular activities, your child’s schedule can get extremely busy. These activities, combined with daily Kumon homework and regular school assignments, can be challenging for your child to manage. It is important to help your child prioritize his or her activities no matter how busy your child’s schedule becomes. We recommend implementing the strategies below to help your child manage priorities and complete his or her Kumon homework every day:

  • The Homework First Rule

Initiating a “homework first” rule in your household is one way to ensure your child completes his or her Kumon assignments every day. Laura, a Kumon Mom from Tulsa, OK, implements this rule in her household with great success.  “If my children don’t get their Kumon done before school, they have to come straight in after school and do it before they do anything else,” she said.

Julie, a Kumon Mom from Kirkwood, MO, follows the same policy with her family. “My son knows that if he wants to go out and play with his friends, he has to sit down and do his Kumon homework first,” she said.

Try using this policy in your home to help reinforce the importance of your child’s Kumon homework and help your child complete his or her homework each day.

  • Finding the Time

Another important part of the Kumon Program is making sure that your child completes his or her Kumon homework each day in spite of a busy schedule. Laura, a Kumon Mom from Sacramento, CA, shares how she fits Kumon in her daughter’s busy schedule. “My daughter does swimming, Girl Scouts, dance, violin, and acting. I don’t have to tell you that she is very busy. But we always find time for Kumon,” Laura said when asked about her family’s Kumon routine. “It just doesn’t take that long.”

Although the Kumon Program may seem like an extra activity for your child to complete, it is important to remember that the recommended completion time for your child’s Kumon homework is only 15-20 minutes. Setting a specific time for your child to complete his or her Kumon homework, and reminding your child that it will only take a short amount of time, can help make Kumon a regular part of a daily routine.

  • Finding the Place

Setting up an ideal study area for your child is another important way to make sure that your child completes his or her daily Kumon Worksheets. Model the quiet learning environment at your Kumon Center by setting up your child’s study area away from the distractions of televisions, computers and loud noises.

For more resources to help your family stick with the Kumon routine, check out these “Tips to Help Your Child Complete Kumon Homework” or discuss additional strategies with your child’s Kumon Instructor by visiting your local Kumon Center.