Benefits of an After-School Program - Kumon

Benefits of an After-School Program

Are you on the fence about enrolling your child in an after-school program? Not sure where to start? Below, we’ve listed our 3 main reasons why it’s beneficial to enroll in an after-school program! 

Develop social skills and build community 

Many after-school programs cater to children of all ages. It can help children learn to interact with like-minded individuals and develop their social skills further. When people come together for a common reason or activity, it builds a sense of community that can also develop into life-long friendships. Exposing children to environments like after-school programs can provide a safe space for them to interact and have fun!

Discover new ways of learning 

Whether it’s an academic program or not, learning always comes with it. These programs are designed to help children and encourage them to learn new methods and abilities. Children will have the opportunity to experiment and reach their potential, which can lead to finding what they’re passionate about. With learning comes confidence and that is ultimately what we want to see from them!  

High school & university applications 

Being a part of an after-school program shows that a child is well-rounded. It shows that they are able to balance activities as well as get good grades. And, if your child has been enrolled in an after-school program for many years, it demonstrates their commitment. 

It’s also important to assure you’re not enrolling in too many that your child gets overwhelmed. Help them find a balance and ask them what they are interested in too!

With Kumon being one of the largest after-school programs, we see our students benefit from these points every day! There are also many programs for your family to choose from and it’s important that you take the time to think and choose the right one for your child.